WEB Windenergie AG

  • project development and repowering
  • technical and commercial operation management
  • maintenance and service
  • citizen participation
  • energy supply

WEB Windenergie AG has been planning, creating and operating wind power projects for more than 20 years. Alongside the development of wind power, W.E.B has grown steadily in the past years, thus going from being a regional wind power pioneer to an international energy transition company. Close to 130 employees work at implementing new wind and photovoltaic parks in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Canada and the USA. Currently (status November 2017), the company portfolio contains 250 power plants with a total output of 415 MW.

The W.E.B concept - efficient and innovative

W.E.B stands out particularly due to its innovation power and efficiency. From the planning, to the creation, to the operation of a wind park, everything comes from one supplier with the W.E.B. During the project development, W.E.B skilfully combines regionality with internationality. Regional companies, as well as the on-site citizens, are included in the company's project. Aside from developing new projects, WEB Windenergie AG also has extensive know-how in operating and maintaining the wind power installations. The data of all the installations run by W.E.B is collected in the company's central office in Pfaffenschlag. The company's service team ensures the highest values in terms of installation availability through on-site running maintenance.

W.E.B green electricity

With electricity distribution, W.E.B has additionally built itself an important and ecological pillar. W.E.B green electricity means electricity from 100 percent renewable energy from the W.E.B power plants. The company is establishing partnerships in this area too, and can develop an individual green energy concept for interested companies.

Broad citizen participation

W.E.B sees the achievement of a successful energy transition as a communal project. Over 8.300 investors are an impressive demonstration of how this procedure can be designed communally. W.E.B is thus Austria's largest citizen associate company in the field of renewable energies.


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