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Rotor blade inspection by an officially appointed and sworn expert

During production: Third Party Inspection (TPI)

Precise and reliable production of rotor blades is essential for the quality of the blades and thus for the service life and the possible energy yield of a wind turbine. Due to the high level of manual labor in the production process, the rotor blades often have defects that can develop into serious damage during operation. According to estimates by experts, approx. 4 out of 5 damage events in the field are related to the production process. As independent experts, we perform inspections during blade production directly at the manufacturer’s site on behalf of the operator and prepare a complete documentation of any deviations in quality.

During operation: Recurrent inspection

During operation, the high loads acting on the rotor blades lead to damage that for the most part originates already during blade manufacture. Therefore, recurrent inspections during operation are essential to detect possible damage at the rotor blades as early as possible and to ensure the highest possible blade quality.

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