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New ROM | LTB Kanban bin in action for first time

Last year, in cooperation with its logistics partner SSI Schäfer, REYHER developed the new ROM | LTB Kanban bin. This innovative bin that can be transformed from a transport box into an open-fronted bin with one simple hand movement, offers numerous advantages to users.

Image: ReyherImage: Reyher

As the first customer worldwide, the CNC machine tool manufacturer CHIRON is deploying the bin at its main facility in Tuttlingen. ROM | LTB has been introduced with complete success during the changeover to ROM – REYHER Order Management Kanban System.

During 2017, CHIRON’s in-house logistics team was deeply involved in optimizing the supply of C-parts in its final assembly. One of the aims was to supply the right fasteners for various component groups at each of its assembly plants, reducing both distance and search time during assembly. Various suppliers and systems in the marketplace were compared to their needs and requirements. Finally, ROM – REYHER Order Management was selected, among other reasons because of its reliability in supplying parts and associated high service level. CHIRON also went for the RFID technology ROM | CASE ID for order triggering and collection of empty Kanban bins.  

Through the use of ROM | LTB bins, CHIRON is profiting both from improved order and cleanliness in its C-part storage in Tuttlingen, as well as improved legibility of its labelling in comparison with the previous Kanban solution.

Overall, switching to the ROM system that was carried out within a few days last year during on-going operations, lead CHIRON to considerable savings of both time and work for supplying and filling, since repacking C-parts has been dispensed with.

Since the REYHER system has been successfully introduced as a pilot project at CHIRON and has been running seamlessly since then, it is now planned to implement it group-wide.

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