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The head office from BRAUN Windturbinen GmbH is in the nice Westerwald, where the famous song is from called "Westerwaldlied".

Geographical based 1 hour north from Frankfurt/Main has the company dealt since 20 years, with the development and production of small wind turbines within a performancescale between 1.5 kW and 10 kW. In January 2009 the single company was turned into a limited company. We work in accordance with our company fundamentals in the successful development of our company.

Our delivery range includes the ANTARIS small wind turbines for system-parallel operation networks, heating support, as well as battery charging and insular systems. We also deliver accessories for small block heating stations within a performancescale up to 6.5 kW and for small windturbines, according to the Savonius and Darrieux Principle.

Customers who would like to use water power as energy source, are perfectly right with our company and will surely find the appropriate accessories.

Our own production of permanent-magnet-alternators allows us to respond to eachand every individual customer’s wish.

Our delivery program is added by: correctivemaintenance and new winding of all type of wind alternators up to 10 kW.

As worldwide-working company we alongside with our national and international distributionpartners aim at setting new benchmarks in the branch of small wind machines through ANTARIS-Windturbines. Research and development, production and distribution, are continually expanded.

For the year 2011 our company expects an export share of about 60 percent and a gradual increase in the years still to come.

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