Labkotec Oy

  • Ice detection system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Ice warning system

With the world’s most widely used ice detection system, you can get more out of your wind turbine, extend its life cycle and increase safety. The Labkotec system detects icing weather conditions and sends you an alert so you can initiate the necessary actions accurately when needed.

Prevent accidents caused by falling ice

Ice accumulating on the blades of a wind turbine poses a significant safety risk to employees and people in the vicinity. Ice detection is often required to operate a wind farm in icing conditions. With Labkotec ice detection system, you’ll meet these requirements.

Optimise wind turbine usage and extend their lifecycle

With the help of ice detection, the wind turbine operates optimally even in icing weather conditions. Combined with blade heating, ice detection increases wind turbine operating hours by minimising downtime.

The ice detection system can be equipped with ice warning stations. The ice warning is sent wireless to the sub-stations around the wind turbine.


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