Labkotec Oy

  • Ice detection system
  • Remote monitoring
  • Warning light system

Labkotec is a leading measurement equipment manufacturer and related services provider for alarm devices and ice detection systems. The Labkotec ice detectors have been designed for the detection of ice on the rotor blades.

LID-3300IP Ice Detector improves turbine production reliability and radically reduces risks caused by ice formation in icy conditions. It is ready to use without calibration and fits all turbines, including older models.


    LID-3300IP Ice Detector for cold climate wind turbines

    Icy weather conditions impede wind turbine service reliability, as ice can easily form on the rotor blades. The phenomenon is common in northern coastal regions. Ice reduces the... [More]

    LID Warning Light System

    Intelligent Ice Detection System with warning lights is designed for protecting people and property. The system warns people for icing conditions at an early stage. When LID-3300IP... [More]

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