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Comment: Bill Gates' Brave New World

Bill Gates wrote a new book: 'How to avoid a climate desaster'. Another good title: 'How to slide into a nuclear catastrophe'

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Is Bill Gates the richest man in the world currently, or perhaps Tesla founder Elon Musk or (ex-)Amazon boss Jeff Bezos? No matter, when one of these men opens his mouth, the world listens. These three e.g. like to thus draw attention to the world's problems. And besides COVID-19, what could be more pressing than climate protection?

So it's not surprising that Gates devotes himself to this topic in his new book and publicly declares that he wants to invest two billion dollars with his foundation in the coming years to promote climate protection innovations.

So far, so good. In the same interview, however, he states that since renewables are supposedly unreliable, nuclear power remains essential.

As Energy Watch Group president, Hans-Josef Fell, points out, this argumentation isn't new: "For years he (Gates) has been justifying his nuclear deals by saying that renewables cannot provide security of supply. Bill Gates consistently ignores all research and realised investments that prove that renewable energies can indeed provide security of supply and quickly replace the fossil and nuclear age."

Gates consistently ignores all threats posed by nuclear power. Where to put the waste? Never mind... What if there's another super-MCA? There won't... Isn't nuclear power now much more expensive than electricity from renewables? Um... next question, please!

Most of the media ignore the fact that Bill Gates has been financing questionable projects with his billions for years. The fact that he is already financing the construction of small and medium-sized reactors (SMRs) in his function as founder and chairman of nuclear power company Terra Power seems to be irrelevant.

His money gives him considerable and truly uncanny influence around the world. Where politicians in more and more countries decide to abandon nuclear power once and for all, Gates - and with him, probably soon a few more of the super-rich - will intervene by means of a foundation and destroy decades of hard-won and finally achieved resolutions against nuclear madness. 'Lobbying' takes on a new dimension this way. The club of the super-rich decides without further ado on the planet's future energy supply and thus comes dangerously close to what is called 'world domination'.

It's enough to give you the heebie-jeebies!

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