Ammonit Measurement GmbH

  • Measurement systems for wind energy forecasts and climate research
  • Communication systems
  • Power supply systems
  • Sodar
  • Lidar
  • Ultrasonic anemometers
  • Air pressure sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Wind vanes
  • Anemometers
  • Data loggers
  • Monitoring Software

Ammonit offers high quality meteorological equipment for the wind and solar industry. The product portfolio includes:

  • Data loggers (Ammonit Meteo-40)
  • Meteorological sensors (Anemometers, wind vanes, temperature and humidity sensors, air pressure sensors, pyranometers, pyrheliometers, sun tracker etc.)
  • Remote Sensing Systems (Lidar and Sodar)
  • Communication systems (GSM, UMTS, Satellite, etc.)
  • Power supply systems (Solar modules, fuel cell, diesel generator, etc.)
  • Web platform (AmmonitOR) for MEASNET-conform monitoring of measurement campaigns

Ammonit measurement systems are designed to calculate energy yield forecasts, monitor wind and solar power plants as well as for climate research. Consultants, operators and research institutes in over 100 countries have been relying on Ammonit’s long-term expertise. Ammonit has a global network of partners. Thus Ammonit can offer turnkey solutions and complete packages including service on all continents.


    Ammonit Measurement Meteo-40

    Meteo-40 is available in three configurations - for every application the best suitable data logger. Meteo-40 is designed for high performance and accuracy working at a minimum of power.... [More]

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