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Ammonit Measurement Meteo-40

Meteo-40 is available in three configurations - for every application the best suitable data logger. Meteo-40 is designed for high performance and accuracy working at a minimum of power. You can reliably supply a complete measurement system with only a 50 W solar module - even in remote sites under extreme weather conditions.

Meteo-40 is the first data logger in the field of wind and solar resources assessment, which includes security features like digital signature and encryption to protect integrity and authenticity of your irreplaceable measurement data!

Meteo-40 Features:

  • Up to 2GB memory for recording 1-sec original measurement data (approx. 1 year measurement campaign)
  • Channels for complex measurement campaigns: analog voltage, counter/pulse, digital/serial/status, analog current, RS485 (Master and Slave), current source
  • High resolution (16bit, 8Hz), symmetric, differential analog channels with various input ranges to choose from (± 0.1V, ± 1V, ± 10V)
  • High sensitivity analog input, e.g. temperature sensor Pt 100
  • Digital channel for smart sensors, e.g. Thies TMR wind vane
  • Data communication and exchange via HTTPS, FTP, SCP connection and email
  • Digital signature and encryption according to OpenPGP for email attachments, e.g., measurement data and logbook files
  • 1 USB port for PC connection; 2 USB ports for modem and adapter:
  •  UTMS, GSM, GPRS, CDMA, WiFi; 1 Ethernet port for LAN, router.
  • Data output: Ethernet, RS-485
  • Compatibility with SCADA systems
  • Integrated Linux system for maximum flexibility and adaptability
  • User-friendly web interface for configuration and controlling (no additional software needed)
  • Low energy consumption (50 W solar panel)
  • Reliable, flexible and user-friendly

Ammonit stand-alone measuring systems are reliably powered by a 50 W solar panel. Stored in a CE-certified steel cabinet, the data logger is protected against weather and condensation damage as well as theft and vandalism. Several optional components may be included, such as a communication module, a barometric pressure sensor, a battery and surge protection.

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