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Conveniently monitor your measurement campaigns with AmmonitOR - online from wherever it suits you!

Various available Diagrams in AmmonitOR Various available Diagrams in AmmonitOR

AmmonitOR - Ammonit Online Report

AmmonitOR supports you in monitoring your measurement campaigns. You can reliably manage and monitor measurement data. With implemented fi lters you can easily check the data quality. In order toverify measurement data for plausibility, various plots are available. In the calendar you can quickly review your data for completeness. Occurring difficulties like wear or low power supply can effectively be detected and fixed at an early stage. Automatically generated PDF reports summarize system and measurement data for a determined period. To perform further analysis, you can conveniently export measurement data into a format of your choice.

A. Effectively manage your measurement campaigns with AmmonitOR:

Project, data loggers and measurement data:

Projects and measurement data - Effectively monitor your measurement systems in projects. AmmonitOR displays sensor details and evaluations as well as for each datalogger a data calendar, e.g., to quickly detect problems with the measurement system.
• Easily validate daily measurement data for evaluations, channels and statistics.
• Set filters to effectively detect suspicious data, e.g., unnatural wind speed.
• Monitor the trend of certain measurements in average tables.

System monitoring AmmonitOR displays communication behaviour and power supply of the measurement system:
• For each Meteo-40 data logger all online connections, including data upload, online periods and emails, are displayed.
• By monitoring the power supply, low battery voltage can early be detected.

Generating PDF reports:
AmmonitOR automatically generates PDF reports, which summarize important data of your measurement project. Occurring problems can be detected and solved at an early stage, e.g. wear.
• Project information at a glance.
• Monitoring communication behaviour and power supply.
• Plots with measurement data, e.g., wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, and turbulence intensity.

B. Conveniently monitor and inspect measurement data

Display measurement data in various diagrams:
A range of data measurement diagrams can be displayed, e.g. just a few of the many diagram features:
• Overlay graph for temperature
• Correlation profi le of top and backup wind vane
• XY plots for global horizontal irradiation
• Wind speed and direction in wind rose diagram

Monitor and check data quality:
• Check data quality by setting filters. Configure filters to detect technical problems, e.g., ice-effects. AmmonitOR sends alert emails, immediate actions can follow.
• Monitor the completeness of the measurement in the data calendar. Days with missing data are marked. Click on the day to validate your measurements.

C. Interaction between AmmonitOR, data logger and user

Use AmmonitOR to conveniently manage measurement campaigns from your offi ce desk. Once the data transfer has been configured and activated, Ammonit data loggers automatically send measurement data to the requested AmmonitOR project. AmmonitOR reliably checks and imports CSV and ROW files. If you install Meteo-40 data loggers, the data transfer is encrypted from the starting point to the import in AmmonitOR. Users access their accounts via an encrypted HTTPS internet connection.

How is your valuable measurement data securely transmitted using Ammonit?
• Step 1: Meteo-40 sends CSV files with measurement data via encrypted SCP Internet connection to AmmonitOR
• Step 2: Meteo-32 sends ROW files via email using SMTP internet protocol to a mail server (not encrypted).
• Step 3: Mail server forwards email via IMAP internet protocol to AmmonitOR (not encrypted).
• Step 4: AmmonitOR checks data logger using public key cryptography, before importing measurement data.
• Step 5: AmmonitOR checks ROW files for data logger serial number and import email address, before importing measurement data.
• Step 6: AmmonitOR users access projects and measurement data via encrypted HTTPS Internet connection.

D. AmmonitOR - our online platform - offers many benefits

• Global data access around-the-clock with our encrypted login section.
• Convenient project and data management. Measurement campaigns with one or more data loggers can easily be monitored and administrated.
• Long-term data storage of up to three years on a dedicated Ammonit server. (Storage on a server of your choice possible on request).
• Automated data archiving and storage in well-structured project navigation.
• Automated data transmission, archiving and storage: Measurement data is automatically transmitted to configure AmmonitOR project.
• Convenient data quality check with data calendar, customisable filters and messages.
• Monitor measurement data for plausibility by means of customisable filters, e.g., to detect ice-effects. Stay informed about any technical problems with your measurement system using instant messages sent from AmmonitOR, e.g., low power supply.
• Automatic warning emails or SMS alerting you to technical problems, such as problems with sensors, power supply or communication.
• Detailed analysis and display of measurement data in diagrams: Monitor your data over a determined period using correlations, shadow zone plots, turbulence intensity profiles, frequency scales or XY plots.
• Easily export measurement data of a define period, e.g., monthly evaluations into Microsoft XLS file or weekly data into CSV file (evaluations are selectable).
• Benefit from PDF reports which summarize your measurement projects including project details and plots.
• Secure data transfer between your Ammonit data logger and AmmonitOR: Data transfer via SCP connection between Ammonit Meteo-40 data logger and AmmonitOR is secured with 2048-bit encryption.
• Integrated user rights management (access control): Different levels of access rights, e.g., for administrators and guest.
• Requirements: GSM/GPRS modem and Ammonit Meteo-40 data logger or Ammonit Meteo-32 data logger (firmware 1.9 and higher).

E. Respecting the confidentiality of your measurement data

Ammonit always treats all collected measurement data as strictly confidential. During the measuring project and thereafter your measurement data is not accessible by anyone else - except with your prior written authorization. The collected measurement data is the property of our customers and is subject to the strictest confidence and a strict protection from competition.

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