• vertical-axis wind turbine
  • Megawatt-class
  • own-power generation
  • environmentally compatible
  • distributed

Agile Wind Power, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, is a developer and manufacturer of the Vertical Sky® wind turbines: These quiet and large vertical axis wind turbines offer economical and almost noiseless power generation with at least as high efficiency as modern large wind turbines. Vertical Sky® meets stringent international certification requirements.

In the past, large vertical axis wind turbines always failed for technical or economic reasons. Agile Wind Power made the breakthrough by developing and implementing a continuous and self-optimizing adjustment of the rotor blades during the rotation of the vertical rotor, the so-called "real-time rotor blade pitch control". This keeps the RPM low, resulting in a threefold lower volume. For the first time in the history of vertical axis wind turbines, this makes it possible to realize large and reliable systems for economical power generation.

Vertical Sky® is designed for distributed energy markets to economically produce power locally where it is needed - both in "difficult terrain" and near populated, ecologically sensitive or otherwise constrained areas. The lower environmental impact, the simplified logistics, the high efficiency as well as the advantages in maintenance are crucial for the economic success of decentralized distributed wind turbines.



    Vertical Sky® A32

    The first type Vertical Sky® A32 is a medium-sized wind turbine with a nominal power of 750 kilowatt, a total height of 105 m and a rotor diameter of 32 m. This wind... [More]

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