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LiDAR – reliable and highly accurate measurement of wind, wind profile, and turbulence

Besides proven WINDCUBE LiDAR systems of Leosphere sensing vertical wind profiles to heights beyond 200 meters above ground setting present market standard GWU offers the nacelle based WIND IRIS systems and for turbine optimization, characterization, and control.

Mounted on top of the nacelle the wind field ahead of the turbine is monitored with 4 beams (“4 eyes see more than two”). Thanks to the WIND IRIS the power curve can be checked and verified. Potential errors in yaw misalignment can thus be detected and corrected quickly and effectively and turbulence and gusts can be detected before hitting the turbine. This results in an optimized operation and higher power generation.

Furthermore WINDCUBE Scanning models allow manifold applications such as monitoring of wake vortices or erection of „virtual masts” in complex terrains or off shore.

Besides sales and maintenance service systems can be rented with or without full project service and management.

Since 1986 GWU-Umwelttechnik GmbH has been supplying highly qualified measurement technology for wind, wind profile, and any meteorological parameter. Competent and fair consultation and reliable service are the basis of a permanently growing satisfied customer base.

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