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PCE-WL 1 wind recorder

The PCE-WL 1 wind recorder is a measuring instrument which measures and records wind velocity over a longer period. Thanks to the power supply via batteries, the PCE-WL 1can be applied mobile.

Since wind power energy is a cost intensive investment, everyone should know how much wind energy is to be expected, in advance. This task is undertaken by the PCE-WL 1 wind recorder. The measured data is stored on an SD card which is connected to the computer easily. The storage interval can be adjusted in advance and reaches from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. In dependence to this, the wind recorder creates a CSV file in ASCII format once a day or only once a month. This file can be transferred to the computer and analysed after that.

Apart from that possibility, the PCE-WL 1 also possesses an RS232 interface where a USB cable can be connected to. On the two digital inputs the WL 1 offers, potential free contacts, Hall-effect switches, TTL signals and S0 outputs can be connected.

Furthermore, the wind recorder has an analogue input which helps the user to determine the wind direction. The wind sensor, which is part of the deliver content, is compactly constructed and makes it possible to measure the horizontal air flow direction independently. The main and dynamic material is made of plastic and guarantees a secure operation which is nearly maintenance-free. The resolution of the measurement is 0,4 m wind way. With the help of an enclosed mounting angle, it can be installed comfortable and safely. If an according power supply is available, (this cannot be ensured by the wind recorder) the integrated heater makes a mostly trouble-free winter operation.


  • Robust casing
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Intern real-time clock
  • RS232 interface for configuration
  • Compact wind sensor with heater
  • Battery life-time up to 1 year - Storage as CSV files on the SD card
  • Ambient temperature: -15 ... 50 °C
  • Saves average and maximum values

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