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New Analogue Force Gauges PCE-SN Series

for fast force measurement

PCE-SN SeriesPCE-SN Series

The Force Gauges PCE-SN Series are quick and easy to handle for a large variety of force measurement tasks. The force gauges are small and compact, easy to operate and work according to the spring principle which illustrates the force on an analogue scale.

Every product produced in industry does not automatically become available. Before the products pass the counter, their reliability needs to be checked. One example is textiles. With the Analogue Force Gauges PCE-SN Series the tear-out force of an article of clothing can easily be tested. Another possibility is to identify the compression force of light switches, telephone keys or door handles with the help of force gauges. The required force could be reduced with force gauges in order to make the life of old and disabled people easier.


The PCE-SN Series can also be used as a balance. Midwives could also use such a device for the development of newborns to be able to determine the precise weight wherever needed. Because of the segmented dual scale, the PCE-SN Series indicate newton and kilogram. The indicator position of the scale can be turned to taring, if desired, to find out the exact force. With the help of a locking knob, the indicator is locked (drag indicator function). On the other hand, the drag indicator can be reset to its original position by a simple button press.


The new Analogue Force Gauges PCE-SN Series, produced by PCE Instruments, are also useful for every inspector, because the PCE-SN Series is equipped with a device connection for adapter (internal thread M6). The item comes with several adapters. In the case that, in exceptional circumstances, the right adapter is not in the kit, it is possible to have the requested adapter produced in a metal-processing factory.

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