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Labkotec Ice Detector

Labkotec Ice Detection improves safety, optimises wind turbine operations and extends their life cycle.

Optimise wind turbine operations

With the help of ice detection, the wind turbine operates optimally even in icing weather conditions. Combined with blade heating, ice detection increases wind turbine operating hours by minimising downtime.

Ice that accumulates on the surface of the blades strains the mechanics of the wind turbine and thus shortens its lifetime – and large masses of ice can damage the blades. When you use the Labkotec ice detection system, you can extend the life cycle of the wind turbine.

Prevent accidents

Ice accumulating on the blades of a wind turbine poses a significant safety risk to people and buildings in the vicinity. The Labkotec ice detection system detects icing weather conditions and sends you an alert so you can initiate the necessary actions accurately when needed.

Meet the requirements

Ice detection is often required to operate a wind farm in icing conditions. With the Labkotec ice detection system, you’ll meet these requirements.

Ready to use with easy installation

Labkotec ice detection system is easy and quick to install on any manufacturer’s wind turbine, including wind turbines that are already in use. Installation does not require separate lifting equipment or separate calibration. Easy remote access and monitoring can connect the Labkotec ice detection to different SCADA systems, and update the software remotely. Also, it’s fully compatible with LabkoNet® – a flexible and easy to use remote monitoring system, to transfer and control alarm data.

The market leader with over 10,000 ice detection systems

We have manufactured 10,000 ice detection systems since the 1990s, and today Labkotec is the world’s most widely used ice detection system. We cooperate with all major wind power companies.


  • Wind turbines
  • Meteorological stations
  • Airports
  • Communication masts
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