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Fuhrlaender is your answer in wind turbine supply whether the project comprises a single turbine application or a multi-hundred megawatt commercial wind farm

Fuhrlaender - Friendly Energy, Friendly World - The Best to Invest! Fuhrlaender - Friendly Energy, Friendly World - The Best to Invest!
The Company:
Fuhrlaender is a forerunner in the globalization of wind energy as a viable power source. From the Americas to Asia, from Scandinavia to South Africa – Fuhrlaender systems contribute to a progressive trend of renewable energy usage worldwide.

The current range of Fuhrlaender systems available on the market produce from a range of 600 kW up to 2.5 MW of energy. The turbine models feature varying hub heights and rotor sizes. Consequently, we can offer versatile solutions compatible for inland and coastal locations.

Through our network of partnerships around the world, Fuhrlaender group is a multifaceted operation that can see projects through from start to finish. We are involved in the development and planning stages, turbine manufacturing and erection, and also offer aftermarket services such as remote monitoring, routine maintenance, and prompt service response.

Being a pioneer in onshore wind energy, Fuhrlaender systems provide a variety of advantageous solutions for inland wind projects, currently ranging up to the 2.5 MW performance class. Our wind energy plants are backed by technical availability, even in the most difficult of locations, making them a safe investment.

We realize the challenges faced by developers, investors, and plant operators differ greatly by location. Statutory regulations, technical nuances for varied grid types, the potential for induction, long-term financing, and so much more has to be effectively coordinated. When you choose Fuhrlaender, you are not simply choosing a company which prides itself in manufacturing cutting edge, high-performance technology. You have a partner on your side supporting your venture with superior experience and expertise gained internationally over the past 30 years.

Fuhrlaender Specialities:
(1)Drive Train - Unique Drive Train Design for Sound Reduction
The FL 2500′s unique drive train concept has many benefits. The innovative design allows for a smaller and quieter system. Instead of a heavy main shaft, a hardened non-slip rotor bearing is used between the rotor hub and machine carrier. The impact forces of the rotor are directly transferred over the fortified machine carrier to the tower, and therefore do not overload the gearbox bearing. This improves the service life of the gearbox. Rotor torque is transferred over a shaft coupling (weighing about 1.9 tons) to the gearbox.

The complete 360° bolting of the gearbox to the machine carrier provides optimal power flux for torque support at its centre of gravity. This assmbly eliminates all forces except the necessary torque, thereby decreasing wear on the gear. The internal accessibility of the hub is possible through the manhole opening in the shaft coupling.

(2)Elastomer Elements - A Technologically Advanced Connection Between Rotor and Gearbox:
The rotor bearing is a triple row roller bearing optimally designed for prevailing load conditions. The connection between the shaft coupling and the flange ring of the gearbox is provided by 24 elastomer elements. It provides sound isolation while also absorbing drive train impacts. If necessary, they can be replaced easily without having to remove any other component.

(3) Logistics:
All over the world, our logistics subsidiary OFPLAN plays a significant role in connecting Fuhrländer trubines to the grid. The rising demand for Fuhrlaender systems, the transport and material handling of increasingly heavier components, and the storage of these large components are a few logistical challenges successfully managed by OFPLAN. OFPLAN’s services begin with the inspection of future wind park locations, and then progress through the investigation of suitable routing sections, finally culminating in the scheduling and coordination of suitable traffic and transport resources. The smooth transistion of Fuhrlaender turbines is made possible through a network of forwarding agencies, shipping companies, crane companies, and traffic and customs authorities. Plant access oadway construction and the preparation of crane setup and storage areas are realized on the construction sites themselves.

(4)The new FL 3000 - A Compact Design Featuring Innovative Drive Train and Gears:
A light weight nacelle allows for simplified transport and installation, as well as favorably priced structural supports. The drive train concept of the FL 3000 is based on the proven Compact Drive Train of the FL 2500. This design is more compact as compared to other drive train assemblies. Likewise, the bearing forces in the rotor bearing are less significant due to a wider support structure. The gear casing is isolated, and therefore protected, from the load-deformations of the rotor bearing. The “HybridDrive” is used as the gear for the FL 3000, an innovative concept provided by Winergy AG. The compact HybridDrive includes a two-level planet gear and a medium speed permanent magnet synchronous generator. The erection of the first prototype FL 3000 with a rotor diameter of 120 m is planned for 2012.

For more information please visit Fuhrlaender on Windfair.net's website or at http://www.flna.co

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Posted by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist
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