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Global: Ge:Net develops new Tilt-up Mast System

Ge:Net has developed a new steel lattice mast system. The system allows both erection types: With gin pole as well as with element over element method. Using the gin pole all components and sensors can be installed on the ground thus the costs for assembly are reduced by 30 to 50 % compared to the element over element method.

Until now the steel lattice mast system was available only with element over element assembly method. The elements are pulled up one by one along the mast with a load lift and mounted on each other. Subsequently booms, sensors and cables are installed. The installation on the mast is only possible with professional climbers.

The new tilt-up steel lattice masts from Ge:Net are flexible and autonomous. They can be assembled without heavy gear and are therefore predestined for sites which are difficult to reach were all components have to be moved by muscular strength. The first test assembly took place in April 2016 near Vienenburg in Lower-Saxony with a mast of 80 m height.

The mast system can be assembled up to a height of 90 m. The internationally most asked mast height is 80 m; hence the prototype was installed with exactly this height. The mast system was basically developed for sites with high wind velocities and moderate to high icing risks.

The new mast system fits in the gap between the aluminium mast system which is for sites with moderate to high wind velocities but only low icing and the steel lattice mast system which is for very heavy weather conditions.

Ge:Net is now even more competitive on international markets due to the new tilt-up mast system. This is shown by first orders and further negotiations with customers. Two mast of the new system were already delivered to Egypt.


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