Dokka Fasteners

  • Global supplier of standard as well as customer specific high strength fasteners for Wind Power stations
  • HV Tower bolts sets
  • Stud bolts and threaded rods
  • Blade bolts
  • Application engineering and development partnership

Dokka Fasteners is one of the world’s leading players in the field of industrial high strengths fasteners. We have been producing fasteners for more than 100 years and have been a key supplier to the wind industry for more than 30 years. We provide security through high quality products, steel from only European manufacturers, delivery on time, and manufacturing according to procurement specifications. Because of our dedication to details and our commitment to quality, our customers have made us their supplier of choice for high tensile, high quality, large diameter bolts and studs.

Improving your business

The wind power industry has witnessed an intense development with turbines becoming larger and larger. This has resulted in requirements for the subcontractors, according to quality, dialogue and product development. At Dokka Fasteners we build partnerships with a clear purpose of improving our customers’ businesses.

We offer:

  • A dedicated wind power division

  • In-house product development and engineering

  • All critical processes are kept in-house to ensure our high quality

Dedicated to wind power

Dedication to the global wind power industry is a firm philosophy to us - and the reason why the main thing we do is wind power. Dealing with some of the largest manufactures in the world we truly understand the needs of the wind power industry.

Not only a manufacturer

As a part of Würth Industries we have broad knowledge of a wholesale company with standard commercial fasteners and related items, combined with our own production facility, which is unique in our industry.

A strong customer focus

We aim to improve the business of our customers we have a strong focus on customer needs and continuously strive to develop value-adding concepts like:

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

  • Fast Track

  • Shop-In-Factory and consignment stocks

  • Site kitting for assembly incl. the above elements

  • Engineering support capable of metallurgy

  • Assembly analysis, training and seminars

State of the art productions processes

In 2010 we invested in new manufacturing equipment which enables us to handle the production of our bolts completely automatic. This results in high quality bolts with great consistency in the quality. We continuously invest heavily in improving our productivity quality and innovation, in order to meet our customers’ demands.

Lately we have invested in a new production cell, which enables us to support our customer’s range of high tensile bolting up to M100. The production cell contains full automation on hot forging, CNC machining, thread rolling and full non-destructive testing, such as ultrasonic inspection, hardness and magnetic particle inspection. The bolts will for example be fastening monopiles and transistion pieces, instead of a grouted solution.

Quality based on tests and certification

Dokka Fasteners is ISO9001 certified and qualified to do the intensive testing required for our wind power customers. Further, we provide 3.1 certificates on all items.

The test includes:

  • Tensile and compression testing (600kN and 2000kN)

  • Hardness test (Brinell & Vickers and HV0,3-HV30)

  • Charpy impact test (300J with cooling equipment down to -100ºC)

  • Torque test

  • Spectrometer for chemical analysis

  • Elcometers for coating thickness measurements

  • Measuring tools and gauges for dimensional inspection

  • Stereo, optical, and inverted axial microscopes for metallurgical analysis

  • Magnetic particle test

It is possible to get 3rd party inspection performed by TÜV and DNV.

World Wide Service

We offer our high strength quality fasteners to our customers worldwide and in cooperation with the Würth Group we provide local services all over the world. Contact Dokka Fasteners today and experience our high quality service and dedication.


    Dokka Product Range

    Hex bolts (M12-M100)

    Stud bolts (M20-M100)

    Threaded rods (M20-M100)

    Tower flange bolts (M12-M72)

    Foundation bolts (M20-M100)

    Hub and... [More]

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