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    Gantner Instruments Test & Measurement GmbH
    ... Instruments is a leader in flexible and distributed measurement and I/O systems. As a pioneer in industrial field bus I/O, Gantner Instruments has been...
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    Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
    ... safe components for signal separation, as well as remote I/O systems and products for the field bus topology for the worldwide process industries. The product range is extended by explosion proof display and control units, Ex-p systems and a range of level sensors. Applications for wind energy systems:   Azimuth control with initiators Azimuth control with speed sensors Rotation measurement with initiators Rotation measurement with generators Rotation measurement with slip ring sensors Pitch control Analogue distance measurement e.g. for brake discs, clutches etc. Store and maintain life cycle and component lists on one storage media ...
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    Kübler Gruppe

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  • Italy - Smaller wind turbines 06/25/2010
    .... (short circuit protections, phase failure, etc).The system can be equipped with a communication field bus module or digital and analogue input and output interfaces, ensuring immunity from interference and constant monitoring of connection status. The regenerative stage also includes filter components to eliminate conducted EMI and harmonics reflected from the grid, ensuring a constant sine wave current in the phase with grid voltage.A sensorless vector control system simplifies technology in mini wind plants. The system for the PMSG converts energy without needing an external transducer.The ACU stage ensures calculation and filtration of the EMF’s harmonic components, starting fromthe generator’s electrical phase quantities, voltage, and current. An automatic alignment function allows the inverter to recognize the reference postition on start-up and store it in memory throughout normal functioning.The inverter calculates the exact position of the rotor at all times and performs the mathematical transformations needed to control the current vector and cancel the magnetizing component, converting the generator’s mechanical energy into electrical energy. The system is able to transform even small gusts of wind into significant electrical current to feed into the grid. Grid connection efficiency exceeds 95%.To control risks of dangerous overspeed and variability of the wind, the nacelle and the blades must be able to rotate around their axis to assume the position required by the control system. These rotations, the yaw and pitch, can be achieved by the manufacturer’s Transmital 700 series planetary gearboxes driven by brake motors controlled by inverters that provide vector speed and torque control.For more information please contact Trevor Sievert at ts@windfair.net...
  • New Member On Windfair.net: Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH 06/12/2008
    ... interfaces for different field bus systems to electromechanical connectors for actuators and sensors.Hirschmann Automation and Control is currently the only company on the market to offer a complete product range for homogeneous data communication in the industrial sector using Ethernet. This includes Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches as well as industrial security and WLAN systems that provide a uniform, company-wide communications infrastructure without interface problems and media discontinuities.In the future both Ethernet and fieldbusses will be used at the controller level, as well as at the field level of industrial networks depending on requirements. Hirschmann therefore offers fibre interfaces for bus systems such as Profibus, Modbus or Genius Bus; these interfaces are highly suited to use in close proximity to the process due to their optical fibre technology and their robust design.The connector range includes both products for the actuators and sensors and for industrial machine and system manufacture as well as for building installation and wiring of photovoltaic systems. Special cable connection technologies help save time and thus also costs....
  • New Member On Windfair.net: Gefran 02/11/2008
    ... such as: field bus interfaces, I/O expansion cards, technological cards with predefined applications libraries....
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    The Sendix absolut family is growing: The new EtherCAT field bus model has arrived! 10/23/2007
    ... is thus responding to the increasing importance of the new field bus generation with Ethernet technology. The popularity of EtherCAT is based on its universal application possibilities in the field of industry and building automation. By using EtherCAT the user can profit in various areas. An continuous signal down to the field level, real-time capability as well as many additional advantages, such as Distributed Clock for real-time position detection and Hot Connect, lead in many applications to significant cost advantages, while at the same time offering improved productivity. Sendix EtherCAT singleturn and multiturn encoders enable up-to-the-minute field bus performance in the application and work on the CAN over EtherCAT (CoE) principle. On top of this the devices offer numerous special functions such as temperature monitoring, recording the operating time as well as storing customer data in plain text, for example concerning the installation location.A further plus is the fast data availability with reduced loading on the bus and controller as well as the transmission of speed/velocity, acceleration or leaving of a working area – here the user himself decides which information is available in real-time (PDO mapping in the memory).All parameters can be programmed via the bus, ensuring fast error-free start. The resolution for the singleturn devices is 16 bit with a total resolution of 28 bit, and for multiturn devices up to 12 bit. The bus cover comes equipped with 3 x M12 connectors for fast, straightforward error-free connection. Sendix EtherCAT singleturn and multiturn encoders afford the highest safety thanks to the "Safety-LockTM" bearing construction. The interlocked bearings with their large bearing span ensure stability when subjected to vibration and impart a ruggedness that is forgiving even of installation errors. This eliminates machine downtime and repairs. Thanks to Kübler’s highly integrative OptoASIC technology, the electronics and sensor optics are reduced to just a few components, with the consequent benefit of a higher degree of reliability. The solid die-cast housing with its IP 67 protection rating stays sealed, even when subjected to harsh everyday use, and offers a high level of security against failures in the field. The wide temperature range afforded by these devices, from -40°C up to +80°C, opens up a wide variety of applications without further cost. Acoustic warning and alarm signals inform the customer of sensor faults, under-voltage or too high a temperature. Fault diagnosis is therefore much simpler, allowing the measures necessary to correct the problem to be taken without delay, so avoiding long machine downtimes. ...

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