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Founded by Wilhelm Gantner in 1982, Gantner Instruments is a leader in flexible and distributed measurement and I/O systems. As a pioneer in industrial field bus I/O, Gantner Instruments has been delivering innovative I/O solutions for more than 25 years, including the introduction of one of the industry's first Profibus I/O modules (the ISM 101) in 1988.



Gantner Instruments is the leader in the acquisition of electrical, thermal and mechanical quantities. You will find our kow how in all of our products and services. While our products exhibit high performance and flexibility they remain simple to operate and easy to understand, even in complex applications.



Every Gantner product is designed and built to provide high precision and reliable operation in the most extreme industrial environments. High temperatures and EMC conditions are no problem for us. Our products are manufactured to EN ISO 9000 standards and have an average MTBF (Mean TIME Between Failure) of 20 years.



All Gantner products provide an excellent price to performance ratio. Nowhere else you find more value for the money. First class products with a scalable, modular structure that is built for the future. With Gantner Instruments your investment is safe.



Customers are our partners. We are glad to be working for you. We provide extensive consultation before purchase, practical support during installation, and direct and flexible service for the life of the system. We will work with you to satisfy all your unique system requirements.



    The ability to measure and store real and statistical data over long periods of time is an essential requirement in the evaluation of load characteristics on wind turbine components. The e.pac DL Test Controller offers many robust and redundant ways to accomplish this long term ... [more]

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Construction Monitoring with Vibrating Wire

05.08.2016 Construction Monitoring with Vibrating Wire

Gantner Instruments acquires measurement data from vibrating wire sensors to monitor the condition and loads of pre-stressed concrete constructions like bridges.

A vib wire sensor measures forces using a wire that vibrates at a high frequency. The applied external force changes the tension on the wire, this changes... [more]

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