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Battery Torque Wrench MAD (30-7.000Nm)

The battery-powered torque wrench MAD is most suitable for the wind industry, with an optional documentation system and repeatability of ±2,8%. With this tool a torque and/or angle-controlled tightening is possible, where also upper and lower limit values can be defined. Absolute accuracy of ±1,0% can be achieved with the sensor-controlled battery torque wrench MAD-S. The torque sensor on the MAD-S is located at the gearbox output.

Thanks to this unique design the torque accuracy remains unaffected by progressive wear on the gearbox. This is different compared to conventional sensor-controlled bolting tools, where the torque sensor is placed between the motor and the gearbox input. These tools will become less accurate the more they are used: worn gear parts or motor failure have an adverse influence on the bolting accuracy of these tools. For maintenance work our Torque Check Function is suitable - an additional software, which was developed by M-PT. Bolted connections can be checked without manipulation. Based on a highly complex algorithm in the electronics, the torque wrench continually measures the bolt’s torque and incrementally becomes aligned with the testing torque. Conventional torquing tools, without this special test program, are not suitable for maintenance. Due to a large number of menu languages the MAD and MAD-S are applicable worldwide.

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