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EvoTorque®2 uses the very latest in joint sensing technology, a patent pending motor design and market leading control software to emit exactly the right amount of torque required to tighten a specific joint. The required torque can be easily programmed with the touch of a few buttons and the EvoTorque indicates, using a clear display screen, when the correct output has been achieved.

EvoTorque2 includes Bluetooth connectivity, a 3,000 reading memory (each date and time stamped), and Torque, Torque & Angle, and Torque Audit modes within its capabilities. Torque and angle data can be sent via the tool or a PC, either wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart, or wired using the USB cable supplied.  These features provide the comprehensive joint traceability that operators and their clients require.

The EvoTorque range covers requirements from 200 N·m to 6,000 N·m, and is available in both 110V and 230V versions. Crucially it is weather sealed to IP44 and equipped with a maintenance free motor.

This revolutionary tool underwent rigorous evaluation including drop tests, water and dust resistance ingress, and power cable stress tests. Coupled with a third party verified sound power of 72.3 dB (A) and vibration level of 0.304 m/s2 the EvoTorque is leading the way in accuracy, efficiency and safety.


When it comes to large wind turbines; both on and offshore, the greatest cost consideration is usually the turbine itself and the installation process. While maintenance programmes are a necessity, in some circumstances the tools and processes involved could be doing more damage than good.

One of the key technical implications of over or under torque is the potential for vibrations in the turbine, which presents a real risk of catastrophic failure. The relaxation of joints as a result of bolts becoming loose, premature wear on a number of components, damage to the steel or concrete structure or even fire are all possible consequences.

EvoTorque2 has three modes of operation: Torque – where the required torque can be set and applied (to an accuracy of ±3%); Torque and Angle – where a torque and angle target can be set and applied (to an accuracy of ±2°); and Audit Mode. The unique audit mode is a sophisticated feature for testing pre-tightening bolts with minimal impact on the original fastening torque. This can provide quality control data and traceability for monitoring joint performance over time for operators and their clients.


The benefits of the EvoTorque2 are considerable, offering far more reliable torque and angle results than conventional tools and, more importantly, no need for final torqueing with a hydraulic wrench. Furthermore, in independent tests and calibrations conducted across a number of Spanish windfarm sites; EvoTorque achieved the OK/PAA/APPROVAL standard; making it the first and only electric multiplier permitted to perform final torque on a number of windfarm sites.

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