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Pitch system

The pitch system is made up of one Center Box and three Axis Cabinets and three Pitch Motors. The Center Box is equipped with full lightning protection, main switch, line filter and circuit breakers. It is used for energy and signal support to the three Axis Cabinets. Functionality of system is redundant (stand alone) in every Axis Cabinet of every individual Pitch Motor. Especially developed core components PMM1, PMC2 and PBS3 are the main innovation of the OAT pitch system. They contain all the essential functions of the pitch system and do so with minimal external wiring. The Key-parts are identical for all motor versions, also the motor connection technology via plug-in connectors. Only the parameter data depend to the selected motor version. For feed back of blade position encoders with high reliability are implemented a) directly on the pitch motor and b) as 2-nd encoder set with a measuring pinion wheel directly in the blade bearings.

1 Pitch Management Modul
2 Pitch Motion Controller
3 Pitch Backup System

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