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Peikko provides products of high reliability for tower foundations. By optimizing the use of materials and utilizing new corrosion protection technology Peikko has the economical and ecological solutions.

Advantages of working with Peikko:

  • Over 45 Years of experience in the field of concrete connections
  • Advanced engineering services
  • Highly automatized production technology
  • Over 5 million bolts sold
  • Maximum safety and reliability through comprehensive tests
  • Experienced and qualified customer service

Peikko 10.9 and Peikko Heavy Duty 10.9 bolts are assembled using EN 14399-6 washers class 10 and EN 4032 nuts class 10. Peikko offers choices of PVC sleeve or grease tape protection for a reliable post tension.

Introducing Peikko FatBar!

Peikko is proud to introduce its latest innovation in anchoring technology for wind turbine towers: The Peikko FatBar! Its unique design enables it to sustain greater fatigue loadings, which increases the life span of turbine foundations.

Along with optimizing fatigue resistance, the Peikko FatBar has Peikko’s corrosion protection as an option: ECO Galvanizing.

Peikko FatBars are assembled with DIN 6319 washers class 10 and DIN 6330 B nuts class 10. Bolt threads are cold-rolled with special threading for fatigue loading.


Peikko manufactures and delivers a standardized foundation system for wind turbine towers with solutions covering:

  • Embedment rings
  • Anchor Bolts (post tensioning bars)
  • Template rings
  • Steel tower adapters
  • Positionning accessories

The key element in the Peikko foundation solution consists of a tension bolted ring design. This ring structure efficiently transfers the dynamic loads of the wind turbine tower to the reinforced concrete foundation. Such a design provides a very secure and stable fastening solution for the concrete foundation with a greater fatigue resistance.

Peikko’s solution is optimized for concrete foundations. We also provide solutions for other kind of foundation, including rock foundation.


Peikko offers several coating technologies to protect anchors from corrosion:

Peikko ECO Galvanizing®

High quality corrosion protection adapted by Peikko for wind turbine anchors. Peikko ECO Galvanizing protects materials without heat transfers, giving the opportunity to protect high strength materials. The protection is sprayed mechanically on the surface of the bolt using an automated plasma process that guarantees a reliable and consistent level of quality for long life cycles. The process is governed by EN 15311.

  • Lower CO2-emissions in the entire supply chain
  • No negative impact to high strength materials (eg. pre-tension bolts)
  • Avoids the Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) in high strength bolts due to low heat transfer to the material
  • Partial protection is possible (enables weldings on non-coated surfaces. Good feature eg. for bolt cages)
  • Short lead time

Hot-dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing is applied to meet EN 1461. Zinc coatings are applied to the total or partial surface of the bolt. Typically, this type of Galvanizing involves the use of nuts and washers that are protected in the same way.


Major projects undertaken with industry leaders.

The Peikko Group has stood out in recent years in providing anchoring solutions for projects such as the Brunsmo, Uljabuouda and Råbelöf wind farms in Sweden. On these projects, Peikko was acclaimed for the quality of the parts provided, the prompt delivery of the of the parts and for it’s efficient after sales service.

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