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Periodical Inspections

Periodical Inspections

It is specified in Germany for wind turbines that the plant has to be inspected every two to four years by an independent authorized expert. The intervals in which the inspection must take place are stated in the construction documents. The basis with regard to the inspections is the methodological requirements in the "Principles for inspection of wind turbines within the scope of the Periodical Inspection" as of 2000, published by the authorized expert council of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE)

As authorized expert, M. Rosendahl checks competently and independently of manufacturers and operators that

  • the wind turbine can be operated safely,
  • the safety devices are functioning without restrictions and
  • the wind turbine corresponds to the tested design according to the submitted documents.


The defects and errors found are recorded, described and documented with photographs in an inspection report. The report contains statements and recommendations for the further operation of the wind turbine and provides information on avoiding possible consequential damage.

The inspection is made as a rule in two sections: The check of the rotor blades and the inspection of the further components of the wind turbine, of the safety system and of the documentation. The authorized expert must be able to reach all places on the blade from the blade peak to the blade flange in order to check the rotor blades for damage. This check is performed by means of abseiling, which in practice means minimizing costs for the operator, since it is possible to dispense with the use of a crane with special work platform, sky lift or self-lifting caged platform. Furthermore, all components are tested for safety, function, damage, wear, lubrication condition and corrosion from the foundation through the tower up to the nacelle.



Inspection prior to acceptance

Before the new wind turbine is accepted from the manufacturer by the operator, the operator must be certain that all requirements in the construction permit have been fulfilled. A check is made whether the contractually agreed specifications have been complied with. This applies for the technical condition of the wind turbine itself as well as for additional equipment, such as air-traffic control markers or warning lights.



Inspection before expiry of warranty


Damage to central components such as rotor blades, gearboxes and generators can occur already in the first operating years of a wind turbine. The manufacturer has to undertake liability for this during the guarantee and warranty period. It is expedient from the viewpoint of the operator to subject the wind turbine to a corresponding inspection before the guarantee or warranty expires. The operator must itself pay for any repair costs after the end of the guarantee or warranty period.



The Rosendahl & Frank Windtechnik company has made it its task to increase to an optimum the operating time of your wind turbine with the highest possible availability in productive operation. The services listed are aligned towards achieving this goal.

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