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The manufacture of rotors

In the manufacture of glass fibre rotors the process of positioning the prepregs can be markedly accelerated by the use of laser projectors. The innovative multi-tasking feature of LAP's CAD-PRO laser projectors supports teams working on one and the same wing in performing different activities simultaneously and independently of each other. This optimizes the workflow, especially during the manufacture of large components. LAP CAD-PRO 3D laser projectors find their use in the manufacture of rotor blades for positioning the glass fibre prepregs with an accuracy of a millimetre.

They project the contours of the to-be-positioned mats and built-in parts onto the curved surfaces of the casting mould with utmost precision. In so doing they indicate not only the positions of the fibre mats but also where flanges, webs, profiles and receptors have to go. This eliminates the time-consuming procedure of manual contour measurements and the handling of templates. For rotor blades up to a length of 65 meters, LAP offers the multi-head system, i.e. several projectors with overlapping ranges cover the complete length of the wings. Thanks to their operating accuracy in the millimeter range and the high reproducibility, the projectors guarantee exact placement of all parts in the desired position. With the multi-tasking software it is possible to project specifically that contour onto the work surface which each individual team needs for its current job. All teams work independently of each other. This is how the system optimizes workflows and accelerates production.

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