Invenergy Surpasses 30 Gigawatts of Clean Energy Projects as it Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Invenergy is the First Privately Held Energy Company to Reach this Milestone, Generating Enough Clean Energy to Power 10 Million American Homes

Image: InvenergyImage: Invenergy

Invenergy, the largest privately held global developer, owner, and operator of sustainable energy solutions, is celebrating a monumental milestone: the company has successfully developed over 30 gigawatts (GW) of clean energy generation projects over its 20-year existence, projects that generate enough energy to power nearly 10 million homes. Invenergy is the first privately held energy company to achieve this milestone.

“Two decades ago, we set out to change the landscape of the energy industry and we have continued to lead the transition by combining deep technical expertise, strong partnerships, and a dedicated team with a clear vision,” said Michael Polsky, Invenergy Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve achieved what once seemed impossible, and we are proud to have reached this milestone and of all it means for our legacy as innovators building a sustainable world.”

Transitioning to clean and renewable energy is a boon to the economy, a path to real energy security, and one solution to the mounting global climate crisis. The energy transition will continue to be led by innovators like Invenergy that are equipped to modernize America’s electric grid, curb global carbon emissions, and maintain a reliable, clean, and affordable energy supply to meet the power demands for generations to come.

Invenergy’s 30+ GW portfolio is uniquely comprised of nearly 200 contracted, constructed, and operating clean energy projects spread across four continents. These projects include some of the world's largest solar and wind farms, state-of-the-art thermal generation facilities, advanced energy storage, and transmission infrastructure.

Invenergy’s portfolio is comprised of:

  • Wind: 17 GW; 110 projects
  • Solar: 6 GW; 50 projects
  • Thermal: 6 GW; 18 projects
  • Energy Storage: 1+ GW; 18 projects

Invenergy Services, an Invenergy subsidiary, provides full project life cycle services, including operations and maintenance for its projects and for third parties.

Invenergy Services operates 16 GW across diverse technologies and markets across 92 projects.

Invenergy has raised more than $50 billion of private capital to support its unparalleled growth. In addition to its robust project portfolio, the company has recently launched an offshore wind platform and is developing several inter-regional transmission projects. In early 2022, Reactivate, a community solar joint venture was announced. Invenergy is the anchor investor in Energize Ventures, an investment manager focused on digitizing the energy industry.

“We’ve pushed the boundaries of clean and renewable energy and leveraged decades of development, financing, and engineering experience to achieve this historic milestone,” said Jim Murphy, Invenergy President and Corporate Business Leader. “We’ve taken educated risks where others have held back, and over the last two decades our efforts, and those of our strategic partners, have accelerated the transition to a cleaner energy economy in ways no one could have imagined. As we look to the next 20 years, we see an unprecedented level of attention, focus, and investment in this space.”

Invenergy’s road to 30+ GW is paved with some of the largest, most efficient, and trailblazing clean energy projects to come online over the last two decades.

Some of the most notable achievements include:

  • The largest wind farm constructed in a single-phase in the U.S. – Traverse Wind Energy Center
    • Located in central Oklahoma, the 998-megawatt Traverse Wind Energy Center is the largest wind energy development constructed in a single phase in the United States. Traverse is one of three Invenergy-developed and built wind projects that make up the North Central Energy Facilities. With a combined capacity of 1,484 megawatts, they are collectively among the largest wind energy facilities globally.
  • The largest solar project in the U.S. Samson Solar Energy Center
    • The Samson Solar Energy Center will power daily life as the largest solar energy generation facility in the United States. Under construction in Northeast Texas, the 1,310 MW project will support a record number of corporate and municipality energy goals.
  • State-of-the-art clean power generation facilities Lackawanna Energy Center
    • The 1,485-megawatt natural gas combined-cycle electric generation facility, located just outside Scranton, Pennsylvania, is the largest project Invenergy has developed, constructed, and operates. World-class energy efficiency design and technology provide for baseload generation and the ability to respond to varying energy demand, enabling further renewable build out.
  • Critical U.S. energy infrastructure project – Grain Belt Express
    • A critical clean energy infrastructure project, the Grain Belt Express transmission project will be the renewable energy and reliability backbone for the United States. The project will carry an abundant harvest of low-cost homegrown clean energy from the Great Plains to millions of American communities in the Midwest and Eastern United States.
  • Largest foreign investment and clean energy project in El Salvador Energía del Pacífico
    • Energía del Pacífico (EDP) is a $1 billion liquified natural gas-to-power project at the Port of Acajutla in El Salvador. EDP will provide up to 30% of the country’s energy demand with clean, reliable power by displacing heavy fuel oil generation with natural gas. EDP has contributed millions of dollars to economic and social projects and environmental improvements in El Salvador.
  • The only American-led offshore wind lease in the New York Bight
    • The Leading Light Wind project will be located on approximately 84,000 acres of seabed and is projected to generate more than 2,000 megawatts of wind by 2030 to contribute to the 30-gigawatt-by-2030 national offshore wind energy goal.

Invenergy’s clean energy portfolio has generated positive impacts beyond project footprints, offsetting 182 million tons of carbon dioxide and creating more than 50,000 clean energy jobs over the last 20 years. The company is expected to surpass 2,000 employees in 2022. Invenergy also makes a lasting impact through more than $250 million invested annually in the communities where Invenergy operates.

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