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Greenpeace Activists Safely Return to Ground After Deploying Giant “RESIST” Banner Above White House

The seven Greenpeace activists who deployed a giant “RESIST” banner above the White House have safely returned to the ground. The 70-foot by 35-foot message stayed in the air for over five hours. The activists have been detained with no formal charges yet.

Resist Trump Banner Action in Washington D.C. (Image: Greenpeace USA)Resist Trump Banner Action in Washington D.C. (Image: Greenpeace USA)

“It is plain that communities and cities across this country are alive with the spirit of resistance, the spirit of speaking out, and the spirit of taking action. Our goal here today was to display a beacon of that spirit. Now that we’ve done that, it’s time to get to work,”said activist and Greenpeace Inc. Board Chair Karen Topakain. “We are ready to join the powerful movement on the ground.”

As the activists deployed the banner, Trump announced draconian immigration plans to build his long-promised wall, as well as to end “sanctuary cities.”

“Trump’s first week in office has officially put an end to any idea that he will be anything but a disaster for vulnerable communities around the country,” Greenpeace spokesperson Cassady Craighill said.  “Every day of his administration so far, Trump has revealed himself to not be a leader but a danger to all people in this country. He’s proven this with his executive orders to revive the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines, as well as his plans to begin building the border wall and punish ‘sanctuary cities.’

“Trump will never worry about the water his family is drinking, wonder if his house will survive the next superstorm, or face his family’s deportation. It is up to each one of us to protect each other, to fight for each other, and to resist the ways in which Donald Trump threatens America. Greenpeace USA chose to unfurl the “Resist” banner today above the White House to commit ourselves to acting in solidarity with all of the communities Trump threatens. If Trump and Congress try to hurt us, our neighbors, or our children’s future, we will resist.”

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