WINDFORCE Baltic Sea – Gunnar Pihl gives a lecture on “Coating of Offshore Structures”

In 2014 the two day WAB offshore conference takes place in Gdansk on February 5-6.

At the first conference day the more moderate site conditions of the Baltic Sea will be discussed in the afternoon. In this context Gunnar Pihl gives a lecture on the topic “Cost Reduction by Coating Inspection and Coating Damage Mitigation” and will also give a detailed view on the local conditions.

Offshore structures consist mainly of steel and are planned to operate for more than 20 years. Therefore high quality professional coating of these constructions is a matter of particular importance. Corrosion protection is damageable. There is a high risk of additional costs caused by quality defects as well as damages during transportation and installation.

“Sensitization of all involved parties, including subcontractors, is a matter of special importance to reduce costs enormously.” says Gunnar Pihl, Managing Director of Pihl Expert GmbH. “Continuously On-Site Inspections reduce damage occurrences significantly. In case of a damage, the damages can be clearly documented, the causer identified, the extent of the damage accurately fixed and the necessary repair will be planned economically and carried out.”

With an experience of more than 2.000 offshore inspection days of Pihl Expert, this lecture becomes a fascinating link of theoretical engineering science and practical offshore experience. The demonstration of immense cost reductions by professional Coating Inspections and anticipated damage prevention is the main focus. Gunnar will also present strategies for additional cost reductions using interferences between coating inspections and other offshore tasks.

Companies involved in offshore wind energy projects and marine services are supported by the Pihl Expert GmbH. The interdisciplinary team consults and assists in a wide field of offshore-construction from the entire project development to implementation phase and afterwards. The assessment and optimisation of offshore-construction procedures is based on our experience. Construction inspection on- and offshore, marine warranty surveys and inspections are carried out worldwide in a reliable way. The specialists of Pihl Expert hold all offshore-certificates, huge outstanding offshore-construction experience and are able to reach inspection areas by rope access.


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