ITW Wind Group: NorthWind offshore wind farm grouting completed

NorthWind wind farm, Belgium - The first project in the world to use a full grouting package with a compressive strength of 180-200 MPa is complete.

ITW Polymers Europe (former Densit) provided the full grouting package with the use of their innovative UHPC product, Ducorit® D4 at NorthWind wind farm in Belgium. The project, which began at the end of March and finished on September 12th, was performed by ITW Densit for GeoSea on board of the VOS Sympathy vessel.

Outstanding fatigue properties and extreme strength of grouting were especially important for GeoSea, as the company always sets focus on safety and cost efficiency. That is why Ducorit® D4 UHPC grouting material with a compressive strength of 200 MPa was chosen for this project. ITW Polymers Europe has been grouted more than 2,000 offshore foundations but it is the first time ITW Polymers Europe has supplied a full grouting package with the use of Ducorit® D4.

The project was developed by NorthWind NV and is located on the Bank zonder Naam in the North Sea. Its aim is to supply green power for 250,000 households in Belgium. Although 71 monopiles and one substation were grouted during this project, there is one monopole to be grouted and this is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2014. After completion, the wind farm will be able to generate 216 MW from 72 Vestas V112 turbines.

ITW Polymers Europe

Spanning two decades, the company has maintained its global leadership in offshore grouting. ITW Polymers Europe has provided grouting solutions based on Ducorit® UHPC to more than 70% of all wind farms in the world. For more information please visit: www.itwpolymerseurope.com

ITW Polymers Europe is working in partnership with the ITW WindGroup to bring the global platform of offshore and onshore foundation installations into the market.


A part of the DEME group of companies, GeoSea is a global specialist in offshore works, focused on drilling or hammering of large diameter piles, installation of offshore structures, and site investigations at sea.  More information: http://www.geosea.be

NorthWind NV

The company (formerly Eldepasco) was founded in 2007 and its shareholders are Colruyt Group (www.colruytgroup.com) and green energy company Aspiravi Offshore (www.aspiravi.be). More

information: www.northwindenergy.eu

ITW Wind Group

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