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This week: German juwi Group Completes Financial Year 2012 Successfully and Expands International Business

Well-filled Project Pipeline for Japan, South Africa, South America and the U.S.

Germany is still juwi’s major market. By 2015, however, approximately 50 percent of the company’s overall performance is expected to be generated abroad. “Last year we installed 321 megawatts (MW) in solar and 314 MW in wind power all over the globe. With 350 MW of installed capacity in Germany alone, juwi was in the pole position among all German project developers”, says CFO Martin Winter, who has been in charge of juwi’s finances since Mid-2012. In addition, the previous year has been the most successful wind year in the company’s history.
Despite a difficult market environment juwi was able to increase its financial performance up to 1.1 billion Euro. 2013 is expected to be a successful year as well. Winter: “We are counting on continuous growth and want to increase juwi’s overall performance to up to 1.5 billion Euro by 2015. Of course we will have an eye on the revenue”.
What is going to change prospectively is the percentage distribution of the different renewable energy technologies in relation to the company’s total activities. In Germany as well as on a global scale, wind power will represent an increasing share of juwi’s activities. “Worldwide, solar power also offers tremendous growth potential,” Winter says. Asia in particular is becoming increasingly attractive. Here, juwi has been active for two years now. From its office in Singapore the company serves the growing markets in Thailand and Malaysia. In Japan juwi has founded a joint venture, ‘juwi Shizen Energy’, to develop its business in the country.

Some outstanding projects realized in 2012
The first project realized by ‘juwi Shizen Energy’ is an one megawatt solar park near Kumamuto City on the island Kyushu in the South of Japan. The free-field photovoltaic (PV) system has an installed capacity of one megawatt and will produce eco-friendly electricity for approximately 300 local households. Besides reducing Japan’s dependence on imported fuels, the use of renewable energies also creates new investments and jobs in the regions.
In addition to the project in Japan, juwi has realized several other outstanding solar- and wind-energy projects worldwide.
The 25 megawatts solar park ‘Queen Creek’ is located on 135 acres (55 hectare) of land approximately 30 miles southeast of Phoenix in the U.S. state of Arizona. 90,000 crystalline panels on single axis tracking systems produce an energy output of 54,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean electricity.  
In Wadi El-Natrun juwi installed the companies first off-grid project in Egypt. The hybrid plant in the ‘Natron Valley’ consists of both: a wind farm and a solar park. The produced energy is used to generate water pumps for irrigating the Wadi’s plantation as well as for operating a facility that desalinates the ground water. A battery storage ensures that water can be conveyed around the clock from a depth of 90 meters. With this project, juwi brings clean energy into a region that is not connected to the grid and thus brings water into the desert. juwi completed the project within only two weeks’ time.
In 2012 the second largest wind farm of Costa Rica was built in the San José area. The park is situated on the back of a mountain in an altitude of 1,800 meters. It consists of 17 wind turbines (Enercon E-44) and has an installed capacity of 15.3 MW. “This wind farm is the most beautiful wind farm in the world and an important step towards more renewable energies in Latin America and around the globe”, juwi’s CEO Matthias Willenbacher says. The project in Costa Rica was realized in cooperation with two local partners.
Regional added value is always in the focus of juwi’s project activities. In the small German town of Ellern (Rhineland-Palatinate) for example, juwi realized a flagship project. The newly built wind farm consists of five Enercon E-126  as well as three Enercon E-101 wind turbines. A total of 46.5 MW were installed on the site. Currently, the E-126 is the most powerful onshore wind turbine. In only one hour of full-load operation, it produces enough electricity to power a three person household for two years.

Project Pipeline for 2013 is well-filled
For 2013 juwi has many new projects in its pipeline – especially the wind energy sector is booming. 300 megawatts and 120 wind turbines are already under construction. Up to now, the company has additionally applied for twice the amount of installed capacity and wind turbines.
juwi’s most outstanding projects abroad are in South Africa, the U.S. as well as Japan in cooperation with Shizen Energy. In South Africa, near the mining town of Rustenburg, juwi is currently building a solar park with an installed capacity of seven megawatts. After having been connected to the national grid it will generate 12.5 million kilowatt-hours of clean electricity and will power about 10,000 low-income households. Moreover, the photovoltaic plant saves the emission of 6,000 tons of the climate-damaging gas CO2. The local economic development is also in the company’s focus: the project provides economic opportunities for 200 locals. More importantly, the project gives a major boost to South Africa’s climate objectives as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 6,000 tons annually. It supports the country’s ambition to reduce carbon emissions by 34 percent by 2022.
In North America juwi is about to construct one of the largest wind farms the company has ever build. The 94 wind turbines of the ‘Prairie Breeze Wind Farm’ in Tipton County, Indiana, will have an installed capacity of 150 megawatts – enough to power up to 56,000 homes. During the lifetime of the project more than $74 million in local economic activity is expected, including $15 million in economic spending during construction.
Fit for the future with a new company structure  
In 2012 juwi implemented a new, future-oriented company structure. “Previously, our business was divided according to the different technologies. Nowadays continents, countries and regions are in our focus. The decisive factor is the region where a project is going to be realized, as well as the customer’s requests”, juwi CEO Fred Jung says. End customers are taken care of by a special department within juwi – the juwi Energielösungen GmbH. The new division offers intelligent storage solutions for electricity generated by its own roof top PV panels (juwi Home Power) as well as 100 percent clean electricity in a growing number of regions in Germany.  

About the juwi group
juwi is one of the world’s leading specialists for renewable energies with a strong regional presence and offers project development as well as products for the energy turnaround. Our goal: 100 percent renewable energies. Our impetus: Work together to implement renewable energies economically and reliably with passion. From site selection to planning, construction and financing up to management – juwi is the competent partner for the energy turnaround with a regional focus.juwi was founded in 1996 by Matthias Willenbacher and Fred Jung in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Today, the company employs more than 1,800 people in more than 15 countries and had an annual turnover of approx. 1.1 billion Euro in 2012. Company activities include mainly solar, wind and bio energy – greenfield development as well as engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). The company’s own research division develops solutions and components to make power from renewable energies even more reasonably priced. Storage technologies (e.g. juwi Home Power, the battery storage system for solar power plants), Green Buildings and wood pellets complete the portfolio. Up to date, juwi has developed more than 100 wind farms with around 650 wind turbines and an output of around 1,250 megawatts. In the solar sector, more than 1,500 solar power plants with a total output of around 1,250 megawatts were realised. Combined, these plants generate approx. 4.5 billion kilowatt hours of green energy per year; that corresponds to the annual power consumption of approx. 1.3 million households, according to German standards. In the bio energy sector, juwi has realised numerous wood pellet production plants, biogas plants and heating networks with contracting solutions. juwi has initiated an investment of more than five billion Euro in the last 16 years for the realisation of all these energy projects. The juwi group has offices in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, India, Singapore, South Africa, Chile, the USA/Canada and Costa Rica. In Germany, juwi has subsidiaries and regional offices in several German states.

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