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Exhibition of the Week - EWEA Annual Event - Promising wind energy outlooks for Brazil, China and the Middle East

The New Year is upon us, and so will the new opportunities for wind power it could hold. With this in mind, Nigel Crowe from PMSS and Lead Session Chair at the EWEA Annual Event from 4-7 February, talks to us about wind power’s emerging markets outside th

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Questions & Answers:

Where are the three most promising wind energy markets outside Europe – and why?

The first country with promising opportunities is Brazil – a dynamic high growth country which is starting to embrace renewables. And with the World Cup and Olympics coming up, the world’s attention will be focused on Brazil.

Then there’s China – the size of the country is enough to make it promising on its own, but if the challenges surrounding gaining access to the market and stimulating a global market place can be addressed the potential for European players is huge.

There is also the Middle East.  Delivering renewables in a region so intrinsically locked into oil is also a challenge, but the rewards and potential are great.

What are the biggest barriers to wind power development in these markets?

Varied and many, with vastly different challenges not only in the three regions, but also within the regions. These are huge areas of the world which span many physical, political and  climatic areas. Also noteworthy is that all three areas also have huge potential for offshore development

How do these markets compare to emerging markets within Europe?

They are all vastly different, with probably the most common element being that they all have enough wind to effectively generate renewable power in significant quantities.

What three top reasons would you ‘sell’ to an investor looking at emerging markets outside of Europe?

Working in an emerging market carries the risk profile that can give significantly higher returns for those able to manage those risks. However, the dynamics of wind development follows a clear template wherever you are and the risk profiles can be managed through this process.

Being an early mover in a market removed from competition allows investors unique opportunities to utilise their skills and attributes.

What are you most looking forward to about your session at EWEA 2013? And the event itself?

My session is going to be a unique opportunity to hear about some of the most exciting opportunities in the wind industry today, delivered by some of the most informed, and hands on experts in these regions. The event overall provides a great forum to catch up with old friends and make new acquaintances in the wind industry.

Nigel Crowe will chair the “beyond Europe” session on 7 February at EWEA 2013 in Vienna.

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