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STEGO, Inc. A Member of www.windfair.netSTEGO, Inc. A Member of www.windfair.net
Today's continuous miniaturization of components results in high packing densities within enclosures. These ever-increasing densities lead to higher temperatures with the enclosure - figures that will increase as ambient temperatures rise. In response to this thermal problem, cooling systems have become standard in many applications.

However, just as critical and widely underestimated, are failures caused by the formation of moisture. Under certain climatic circumstances, moisture can build up not only in outdoor or poorly insulated enclosures, but also in highly protected and well-sealed enclosures.

Moisture - An Overlooked Cause of Failure:
Moisture, especially when combined with aggressive gases and dust, causes atmospheric corrosion and can result in the failure of components such as circuit breakers, busbars, relays, integrated circuit boards and transformers.

The greatest danger lurks in conditions where electronic equipment is exposed to relatively high air humidity or extreme variations in temperature, such as day-and-night operation or outdoor installation. Failure of components in such cases is usually caused by changing contact resistances, flashovers, creepage currents or reduced insulation properties.

Up to a relative air humidity of 60 percent, moisture and corrosion remain low. Above 65 percent, however, they increase significantly. These problems can be reduced substantially by keeping the environment inside an enclosure at a temperature as little as 5°C higher than that of the ambient air. Relative air humidity is the ratio between the actual amount of water vapor present and the maximum amount which can be held by the air at the prevailing air temperature (stated as a percentage).

This key measurement must be determined to prevent damaging condensation within enclosures. The higher the air temperature, the more invisible water vapor it can absorb. Even if the amount of water vapor remains the same, the air will become saturated as the temperature drops. When the air can no longer hold the water vapor it contains, it has reached the "dew point."

Observers will note fine drops of water forming on surfaces. In everyday life, droplets form on window panes, eye glass lenses and drinking glasses. Unfortunately, the simple physics of condensation can be very destructive inside electronic enclosures.

Outdoor equipment is particularly at risk since condensation occurs with the shift between warm daytime and cooler nighttime temperatures. Greater damage can be brought about by condensation caused by seasonal climatic changes or by the sudden temperature drops during summer thunderstorms.

Even indoor systems are imperiled by the formation of condensation through temperature variations, for example, when components in an enclosure heat up during operation and then cool down after being
turned off.

Constant temperatures are a necessity for guaranteeing optimal operating conditions. Continuous temperature changes not only create condensation but they thereby reduce the life expectancy of electronic components significantly.

Electronic components can be protected by cooling in the day and heating at night.

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About STEGO, Inc.:
Since 1980 STEGO has been developing and producing innovative products for heating, cooling, temperature and humidity control of electronic enclosures. STEGO products are renowned for their reliability, long life, simplicity of use and high quality.

With locations in twelve countries and strategic partnerships internationally, we are able to serve our customers world-wide. STEGO products have been sold globally and are being used in the most diverse climatic conditions imaginable.

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