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This week: Interview with Christian Hinsch, Director Corporate Communications juwi Holding AG

Christian Hinsch, juwi Holding AGChristian Hinsch, juwi Holding AG
Windfair: Which status does wind energy have in your company?

Christian Hinsch: Wind energy is a vital element within the mix of renewable energies. Besides photovoltaics, wind energy makes up for most of the juwi group’s revenues at the moment. In the future, wind energy will remain an essential part for juwi as well as for the energy transition since it is cost-efficient, and really advanced in development. Wind energy also creates an enormous net product if used on a decentralized basis.

Windfair: Where do you see wind energy’s future potentials?

Christian Hinsch: Clearly onshore! There are three very good and cost-efficient options for the expansion of wind energy: Firstly, new sites, especially in Germany’s south. Secondly, the extension of sites. Thirdly, repowering. These options beat the offshore-hype, much discussed and focused upon in the media, by far.

Windfair: Why do you go for more onshore rather than offshore?

Christian Hinsch: Because it is cheaper to produce wind energy onshore; at the moment onshore power can be produced at half the price of offshore power. In the near future, even big free-field photovoltaic plants can produce cheaper energy than maritime wind energy. Apart from that, we combine regional production and regional consumption, which in turn means that we are in less need of gigantic transmission routes to transport the generated power.

Windfair: Are you offering any new services in the wind energy sector?

Christian Hinsch: Apart from the plans for new sites, we are extending our “Repowering“ segment massively. We have already successfully implemented initial projects in Rhineland-Palatinate, ranging from the deconstruction of the plants, their selling and recommissioning, to the replacement with new and more powerful turbines.

Windfair: Are there also any new products in the wind sector?

Christian Hinsch: Yes, there are. The joint venture Advanced Tower Systems (ATS) is a cooperation with the Dutch company Mecal; together we construct a new kind of concrete tower. These towers consist of vertical elements which can be easily transported without abnormal load. With our own towers, we can also incorporate ideas and wishes of municipalities and citizens into their design.

Windfair: How many employees does juwi have at the moment?

Christian Hinsch: More than 1,500 worldwide, thereof approx. 1,000 at juwi’s headquarters in Wörrstadt. In Wörrstadt, we can present juwi’s portfolio by a wide range of references: Wind energy and photovoltaics, in short also bio gas technology. And of course, we present sustainable construction as well as E-Mobility.
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