Molins de Vent TARRAGÓ: Spanish allotment gardens: German ideas with renewable energy concepts in the Iberian Peninsula

Magdeburg, 12.08.2011. Close to the capital city of Spain, Cobeña, a town with a population of round 6 thousand has implemented the German allotment gardens („Schrebergarten”) concept.

A TARRAGÓ windmill pumps water since the beginning of this summer to gardens with a total land area of 910 square meters. The windmill pumps till a maximum of 8.200 l/h and a minimum of 5.000 l/h depending on the wind speed. Excess water is transported to a small lake and to a park. The largest TARRAGÓ windmill would be capable to pump 60.000 l/h in the same location at 14 m depth – if the water availability would allow it.

Other peculiarities of the „Spanish Schrebergärten” project are, for example, that the users of the gardens have to stay at least 4 months per year in Cobeña, have to be older than 55 years and to use the garden exclusively to cultivate in an ecological manner without corporate purpose.

Interested users have participated in a licitation process to obtain the land rights for a period of 2 years. Organic drop will be transformed in compost so that the amount on green drop in the general drop can be reduced.

The first 10 gardens „La Dehesa“ have got high acceptance among the inhabitants of Cobeña since these gardens are an excellent example about how to use traditional agriculture activities in a highly industrialized environment. Further, they provide recreational value in a location with elderly people. Last but not least, they contribute to the diffusion of renewable energies and to the sustainable waste management control.
Molins de Vent TARRAGÓ

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