Product of the Week - The FL 3000 wind turbine from Fuhrländer

Compact and light thanks to innovative drive train and gears

Fuhrländer AG's FL 3000 Wind Power TurbineFuhrländer AG's FL 3000 Wind Power Turbine
Fuhrländer AG is a pioneer of wind energy usage inland. Using the "Friendly energy - friendly world" slogan, the independent company constructs turnkey windparks worldwide. We currently offer significant plant capacities up to 2.5 MW, which can be transported and erected in almost all target markets using existing infrastructures.

We offer value-adding on site with the creation of job and training positions using license awards and joint ventures, in addition to supporting the setting up of a supply industry.

The Fuhrländer Academy represents one of the important mainstays in the company philosophy. Above-average training of young people (127 in Germany alone) in various professions, permanent employee qualification and training on the job for customers, works managers and service technicians from the whole world over are all part of the Fuhrländer company group concept of know-how transfer.

FL 3000 – Compact and light thanks to innovative drive train and gears:
The result of the low nacelle weight is a simplified transport, a simplified setup of the wind energy plant and favourably priced structural supports.

The drive train concept of the FL 3000 is based on the proven Compact Drive Train of the FL 2500. This construction design, compared with other drive train concepts, is more compact and lighter, the bearing forces in the rotor bearing are smaller due to a wider support basis and the gear casing is decoupled from the load-deformations of the rotor bearing. The "HybridDrive" is used as gear for the FL 3000, an innovative concept of Winergy AG. The compact HybridDrive is put together by a two-level planet gear and a medium speed permanent magnet synchronous generator. The setting up of the first prototype FL 3000 with a rotor diameter of 120 m is planned for 2012.

Technical Specifications:

- Number of blades: 3
- Diameter: 120 m
- Swept area: 11390 qm
- Speed range: 5.6 to 14.8 rpm
- Wind class: IEC 2a

Drive train with Gearbox and Generator:
- Main bearing: Three-path roller-bearing slewing ring
- Gearbox Type: Two-stage planetary gear
- Gear ratio: 1:43
- Generator coupling: Direct generator connection (Winergy HybridDrive)
- Generator Type: Medium-speed permanent magnet generator
- Nominal voltage: 690 V 3~
- Frequency: 36 to 95 Hz
- Cooling: Water jacket with internal air circulation
- IEC-size: 900

- Type: Full-scale IGBT converter with CD-link chopper
- Nominal voltage: 690 V 3~
- Frequency (grid side): 50/60 Hz
- Cooling: Water

- Type: Cast resin
- Nominal power: 3500 kVA
- Cooling: AFWF
- Power
- Rated output: 3.0 MW
- Cut-in wind speed: 3.0 m/s
- Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/s
- Survival wind speed: 59.5 m/s
- Noise prediction: 106.9 dB(A)

- Hub height: 90 – 140 m

Condition Monitoring:
- Monitored components: Main bearing, main gearbox, generator, tower
- Evaluation method: Envelope spectra, amplitude spectra and others

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Fuhrländer AG
Posted by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist
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