Product Pick of the Week - The Torch Style Wind Turbine from GreenPower

With advanced technologies and new ideas originating from collaboration with partners in Denmark and Germany, aerodynamic experts at Green Power have designed blades that aim at supplying end-users with higher technical quality, efficient, safe and quiet

The Torch Style Wind Turbine from GreenPowerThe Torch Style Wind Turbine from GreenPower
As the CWEE5 Shanghai 2011 Exhibition finishes, visitors to the exhibition take home information on new companies, technologies and products in the international wind energy sector. In doing so, one special company with a special product remains vivid in memory – GreenPower with its new Torch Style wind turbine.

GreenPower Generator Mfg Co Ltd is a Sino-foreign joint venture, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and production factory in Shunde, Guangdong /China. The factory is located on a 20,000 square meter area and occupies over 200 employees who contribute to the design and production of small-scale wind turbines. GreenPower is a company with a unique range of products, which is more scientific and provides higher performance ratings in comparison to other companies in the wind energy sector.

With advanced technologies and new ideas originating from collaboration with partners in Denmark and Germany, aerodynamic experts at GreenPower have designed blades that aim at supplying end-users with efficient, safe and quiet wind turbines - and that in superior technical quality.

The Torch Style Wind Turbine:
Designed by aerodynamic experts in the form of the well-known Olympic Torch, GreenPower’s Torch Style Wind Turbine is finally finding growing interest, sales and use within the wind power industry.

The Torch Style Wind turbine is not only unique and elegantly designed, but it is also very effective at capturing the wind and producing wind energy. Its vertical blades achieve maximum power collection and conversion from all wind directions and are very silent in comparison to horizontal wind turbines. It is a known fact that VAWTs higher power outputs at lower wind speeds.

GreenPower’s new wind turbine is equipped with FRP vanes and a disk type permanent magnetic synchronous alternator - two highly matching and adapted essential parts of the wind turbine that ensure the highest power output at the safest level of operation. Due to its “dual-moving-parts” design and highly reliable materials in its production, the Torch Style Wind Turbine is maintenance-free and durable.

Designed for small wind power generation, GreenPower’s Torch Style Wind Turbine can not only be used for landscape, town square, water spring and outdoor advertising lighting, but also for wind & solar hybrid road lighting systems, Green Telecom etc. The brightly-colored and circular arc vane protects the flying life from damage. Its attractive design and flexibility has made Greenpower’s Torch wind turbine a landmark in the wind energy sector and a first choice product for many clean energy proponents

A few technical specifications:
- Two models: 100W & 200W
- Generator. (1) Frequency = 50HZ/60HZ; (2) Type of Alternator = Disk PM Synch. 3 phase, AC
- Operational data: (1) Star-up wind = 2m/s; (2) Cut-in wind = 2,8m/s; (3) Rated wind speed = 11m/s; (4) Survival wind speed = 42m/s
- Rotor & Blades: (1) Length of blades = 1600mm; (2) Rotor diameter = 400mm; (3) No. of blades = 2; (4) Blade material = FRP.

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Posted by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist
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