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Centralized Lubrication Systems for Clean Tech Power Plants

For several years natural energy sources such as hydropower, biofuel, solar, wind and geothermal have been in use. With so called alternative power plants, the natural energy or movement can be transformed into useful electricity or heat. Biofuel systems, hydropower generation, solar and wind parks are new manifestations that are realized in connection with alternative power plants. Investment and development in these areas of renewable energy is strongly pushed.

In such investment intensive assets, operational reliability, uptime and efficiency all play an important role. A centralized lubrication systems can largely contribute to this. Lubrication systems increase the life span of machine components and they protect from wear and corrosion. As a result, they are an inevitable part of modern service and maintenance concepts. Lubrication systems have the task of brining the lubricant to the appropriate point in an exact measured quantity, at the right time. In the field, single-line and progressive lubrication systems are largely used. The choice of a suitable lubricant is largely dependent on the operational method of the lubrication system and the application. This is why both these factors need to be carefully scrutinized.

The Right Lubrication is Important
For a bearing it is important that it is at no time over or under lubricated. Over lubrication can be as damaging as under lubrication. During under lubrication of a bearing, friction and resulting wear will occur, and also in a period of over lubrication a bearing will heat up which will result in faster wear.

Over lubrication can result in an increased environmental strain when lubricant emerges from the bearing and enters into the ground or water. Also the cost factor plays a role when expensive lubricant is wasted due to over lubrication compared with the amount required for an optimized supply.

High Viscous Grease for Bearing Lubrication
An important factor is the correct choice of lubricant. In many cases, high viscous NLGI 2 class greases offer the better solution. Grease, as opposed to fluid grease, builds a grease collar which prevents contamination or moisture from entering the bearing. The grease also has a much better tendency to remain in the bearing under increased temperatures, or under impact or vibration conditions. These characteristics of grease are even more important when machines are operating in rough conditions.

All Lincoln lubrication systems are of course designed for biodegradable lubricants.

Online Monitoring
All systems presented below can be fully monitored and are suitable to be connected to an online monitoring system, and/or they simplify maintenance tasks in the case of remote controlled systems.

Wind Turbines
Worldwide, centralized lubrication systems are an integral part of modern wind turbines. Rotor blades, main bearing, yaw slew, generator bearing and yaw pinion drive are all often already equipped with an automated, centralized lubrication system direct from the manufacturer. Lincoln also offers the retro-fitment of wind turbines with the proven quality of an OEM.

Single-line P603 Pump and QSL/SL Lubricant Injectors
Lincoln offers a very robust lubrication systems that comprises a P603 or 653 pump and QSL/SL lubricant injectors. QSL and SL injectors are designed for pressure up to 300 bar. As a result, NLGI class 2 greases can be pumped without problems at minus temperatures and in rough conditions. All injectors operate independently, so that should a fault occur with an individual injector, all other injectors will continue to supply lubricant. The single-line system is also suitable for fast-separating lubricants which are often used in wind turbines.

The lubrication system can also be combined with ASE1 suction elements for the removal of used lubricant. The ASE1 suction elements were specially developed for single-line systems in wind turbines to carefully remove the old greased from the bearing. The used grease is collected in a special AFB 10 collection container with a 10 liter capacity and it can be recycled – for example it can be reused for the lubrication of the open gear drive.

PU – Polyurethane Pinion for the Lubrication of Open Gears
The new Lincoln lubrication pinion made of robust, wear-resistant polyurethane, was specially developed for the lubrication of open gear drives. The special surface structure of the flexible material enables the PU pinion to apply a 100%, continuously renewed lubrication film to the flank of the tooth. As a result, wear is minimized and the corrosion protection is increased.

An important factor when lubricating is always the usage of a suitable lubricant that, even at high temperatures, does not drip off. The newly developed lubrication pinion applies the lubricant only to the loaded areas of the tooth flank and not to the entire tooth or in the tooth root.

Lubricant can be supplied to the pinion with either the Lincoln Quicklub progressive system or with the single-line 603/653S with extensive control and operating possibilities.

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