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SKF and Lincoln have joined forces to provide the world’s most complete portfolio of lubrication solutions, from manual lubricators to the most advanced centralized and automatic lubrication systems on the market. Together, we provide a full range of lubrication tools and expert services, from turnkey design and installation to testing and training.

Drawing on more than 200 years of combined lubrication management experience, we can help you improve machine reliability, reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity, enhance safety and optimize manpower resources.

The company’s product range includes manufacturing standard components such as pumps, metering devices and control equipment, customer-oriented solutions for all applications, especially designed for wind turbines, installations and start-ups of lubrication systems on site in all parts of the world, customer training and after-sales service. Since 2010 Lincoln is an SKF group brand.

Due to the extreme environmental and mechanical loads that wind turbines must endure proper lubrication is absolutely necessary to reduce wear and tear, to simplify service, increase the intervals between scheduled service and to prolong the lifetime of the wind turbine.

Lincoln automated lubrication systems are already implemented for all key components in numerous wind turbines. Lincoln grease lubrication systems are used for lubricating generator bearings, main bearings, yaw bearings as well as the pitch bearings. The yaw and pitch gear require either a spray system or a mechanical application via a lubricating pinion wheel to apply adhesive-type lubricants. Oil circulation systems improve the working reliability of gear boxes.

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