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Stromag - Global supplies for Wind Turbines.

In more than 25 years Stromag France (SIME Brakes) proved extraordinary well as excellent developer and manufacturer of intelligent brake systems for wind turbines - supported by a highly motivated team of qualified engineers. The business unit "Limit Switches" of Stromag AG in Unna as well is an indispensable partner for geared limit switches in wind turbines (Phone: Ralph Breuer 0049 2303 102215, Email : R.Breuer@Stromag.com).

The Stromag France test centre for disc brakes for azimuth and rotor brakes in La Guerche / France is unique in Europe on this activity sector and bases on powerful test facilities. Tests under real conditions allow the responsible engineers to verify their theoretical basis calculations and assure that the customer does get well-proven and highly reliable products for each and every application situation. Results from these developments are e.g. the possibility of simple lining exchange and re-adjustment of lining backlash on azimuth brakes. Thereby short mounting and maintenance times are achieved as well as a long lifetime of the sealings. The active rotor brakes from Stromag France contain a patented airgap system; thereby a wear re-adjustment and an always uniform reaction time are realised.

The main duty of Stromag geared limit switches is to guarantee the safe disconnection of rotations on windmills. For pitch drives the mechanical switching contacts and highly precise absolute value encoders in single-turn or multi-turn design are integrated in a housing. Thereby the feedback of the absolute position of the blades to wind to the control is assured. For yaw drives as well the mechanical switching contacts for disengagement of the nascelle rotation and the various position feedback systems with analog or digital sensors are combined in a housing.
Suppliers: Mechanical Engineering

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