TorcUP Industrial Bolting Tools Launches the ULTRA – Hydraulic Torque Wrench– A 3 YEAR TOTAL WARRANTY TOOL

Easton, PA.-- The best just got even better! TorcUP realizes that sometimes you need just a little more. The Ultra UT Series Hydraulic Torque Wrench is designed to deliver more when you need it the most! The UT series combines all of the beneficial features of the TU, from the Multi-Axis Swivels to the Laser Engraved Torque Chart, along with all internal mechanical moving components being machined from VASCOMAX! Unlike any other brand of Hydraulic Torque Wrench in the world, TorcUP has created a tool with the major components which create torque out of the UNDISPUTED STRONGEST MATERIAL KNOWN IN THE INDUSTRY!

Who says that you have to sacrifice looks for strength? The ULTRA is sleek; with a black housing in the shape customers have proven time and again works for their applications. Good looks are just the start, with a distinct advantage added to the drive plate, segment and ratchet. These three components take the brunt of wear and tear, and in the ULTRA, they are made of Vascomax, which means they are 30% stronger and 15% harder. And to TOP IT ALL OFF - All ULTRA SERIES tools are covered by a 3 YEAR TOTAL TOOL WARRANTY! THE UT COMES WITH A THREE YEAR WARRANTY BECAUSE IT CAN, NOT BECAUSE IT NEEDS TO. With US Patent No. 6,068,068, the ULTRA will remain distinctive among the field of torque wrenches.

Why now, one may ask, the TU is a dependable work horse, strong enough to meet applications and accurate to +/- 3%. The reason TorcUP designed and offers the ULTRA is for those ULTIMATE applications…the work that requires brutal and unforgiving usage, especially the wind industry. With a torque range of 127 Ft/lbs through 11,000 Ft/lbs, the UT Series ULTRA Square Drive Wrench is the wrench you will have for a lifetime. Tower bolt torquing requires a specific reaction point which is often unattainable with standard reaction arms. TorcUP is also pleased to offer the WIDE BOOT Reaction arm to provide a more stable reaction point. The wide boot reaction arm in conjunction with the ULTRA gives the WIND industry the best possible reaction point with the strongest possible tool.

TorcUP, located in Easton, PA is truly a company like no other. The passion to design the BEST tools in the industry means there is no room for compromise. TorcUP understands that changes in the industry require changes in tooling providing safer, more reliable designs that will GET THE JOB DONE! TorcUP is driven, growing and ready to meet your needs. Visit TorcUP’s website at www.torcup.com or call TorcUP today for a free demonstration of the ultimate hydraulic torque wrench…The ULTRA!
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