USA - Raycap Eliminates Wind Turbine Downtime Due to Lighting Strikes

Raycap Inc. has designed lightning protection upgrade kits for several types of wind turbines. Utilizing Raycap's patented Strikesorb surge protection device (SPD) technology, each upgrade kit easily replaces failed DIN rail SPD components, thereby enhancing the lightning protection systems of existing wind turbines.

Providing uninterrupted protection from direct lightning strikes up to 200kA, Strikesorb upgrade kits can sustain multiple and successive lightning strikes and power surges without requiring maintenance. Designed to meet both the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61643-1 standard for surge protection devices and the recently (2007) revised UL 1449 -2nd edition - safety standard, Strikesorb upgrade kits provide high-surge handling capability, combined with ultra-low let-through voltage to the load, enabling it to absorb and dissipate the excess energy from lightning strikes and power surges in a completely safe manner.

"Several leading wind turbine manufacturers in Europe and North America are already including Strikesorb technology in their new models" said Matt Hemphill, Engineering Manager at Raycap Inc. "Our upgrade kits enhance the existing lightning protection systems in wind turbines by continually protecting the generator, transformer and other key electronic systems, ultimately keeping the turbine on-line and generating power."

Wind turbines are typically the tallest structures in a surrounding area, and consequently, are at the greatest risk of being struck by direct lightning. Depending on the severity of the strike, a surge can propagate through a wind turbine system and destroy critical equipment, such as generators, power converters, low-voltage to medium-voltage power transformers and control electronics.

Damage induced by lightning strikes interrupts the ability of a wind turbine to generate electricity, and consequently, profits can be greatly reduced. With wind turbines typically being located in remote areas, repair time can take a week to more than a month, Loss of revenue can be as high as $50,000 a month, making surge protection a vital element for a profitable wind turbine operation. The Strikesorb module's ability to provide maintenance-free protection ensures that a wind turbine power generator will not be taken off-line by a lightning strike.

For more information about Raycap's wind turbine upgrade kits, contact Raycap Inc. at One Copley Parkway, Suite 545, Morrisville, NC 27560; call 919-200-4508, or visit www.raycapinc.com/strikesorb.

About Raycap Inc.
Raycap Inc., headquartered in Morrisville, N.C., manufactures advanced transient voltage surge suppression modules and systems for a broad range of applications. The company exports its Rayvoss systems and Strikesorb modules to more than 40 countries around the world and has operations in the U.S., Canada, Panama, Switzerland, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia-Montenegro.
Raycap Inc.
Edited by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist
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