Wind Turbines Do Not Cause Global Warming

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A paper has caused some stirr in the U.S. media recently. AWEA's Greg Alvarez is straightening the facts.

Official Press Release AWEA / Inte the Wind Blog:

Fact Check: No, wind turbines do not cause global warming

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Fact Check: No, wind turbines do not cause global warming

Two researchers, David Keith and Lee Miller, have released a new paper recently and their findings are problematic for several reasons. Furthermore, certain media outlets are misreporting what the paper actually says. The fact is wind power remains one of the most effective and affordable ways to reduce carbon pollution.

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about this study. You can find a more in-depth, technical rebuttal here. Wind turbines do not cause global climate change Keith and Miller’s analysis examines an exceedingly high level of wind power deployment and the effect it might have on localized surface temperature... ... More: Official Press Release AWEA / Inte the Wind Blog

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