Droughts in Europe Will Intesify with Climate Change

Image: *** See below for details (Credit: Peisker, fotolia; montage: Martin Schrön, UFZ)Image: *** See below for details (Credit: Peisker, fotolia; montage: Martin Schrön, UFZ)
A global temperature rise of one to three degrees Celsius can have a significant impact on the distribution of soil droughts throughout Europe.
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Climate change intensifies droughts in Europe

Official Press Release UFZ:

UFZ researchers model the effects of the global temperature rise

Global warming will exacerbate soil droughts in Europe - droughts will last longer, affect greater areas, and have an impact on more people. If the earth warms by three degrees Celsius, extreme events - such as the drought which struck large parts of Europe in 2003 - could become the normal state in the future. This scenario was described in the scientific journal Nature ... More: Official Press Release UFZ

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