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HighStep equips existing wind turbines with a portable Lift

Reaching the nacelle at over 50, 60 or even 80 meters many times per day is a big effort even for trained professionals

And it could take away a significant part of their working time, between the actual climbing and the pauses for resting necessary afterwards. We offer you a very convenient and innovative solution to this problem: the HighStep Lift!

The HighStep system is based on a Rail, which, thanks to adapters designed especially for this purpose, can be easily mounted on the existing ladder. Alternatively, it could also be used as a stand-alone system directly on the tower’s wall. To the Rail, two types of climbing devices can be attached: a fully automatic and portable Lift and a mechanical system with two pedals and a fall protector, to be used in case of emergency and in rescue scenarios.

The HighStep Lift can carry up to 150kg and has a battery duration of 1,500 meters, in addition it also recharges while descending. Its speed is 0.4 meters per minute and in around 3 minutes it can reach the top of a 70m tower.

Getting to the top of any wind power tower has never been so easy and fast. Older and experienced workers will be able to keep the job for longer; younger workers will not suffer from back and knee problems due to climbing. The health and wellbeing of the people working with you deserves to be at the first place of your priorities list.

However, let us also consider the financial benefits: one Lift, fully portable by one person, can be used for many towers in the same wind power plant. Its replaceable battery ensures the access to any structure at any time, thus avoiding any downtime in the production of energy in case of problems in the nacelle.

The future of climbing is here, the first ten serial Lifts have already been produced and sold, so don’t miss this opportunity and get in touch with us for more information on how to equip your towers with HighStep.


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