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Introducing EuroWind GmbH - An innovative company for weather consulting services to the international wind energy sector

Wind Energy Company Profile of EuroWind GmbH - A long-standing w3.windfair.net member!

EuroWind GmbH staff at its exhibition standEuroWind GmbH staff at its exhibition stand

Founded in 1998 as innovative company for weather consulting services for the power industry, EuroWind quickly proved to be the specialist for top-quality energy expertises demanded by many financial institutes. Moreover, EuroWind today is the market leader for wind power forecasts for entire Europe. Various well-known grid operators and energy traders trust in the quality of EuroWinds forecast and actual value products everyday and ensure the efficient integration of clean renewable energy into electrical networks as well as increasing success at the energy exchanges.

Since 2007 EuroWind GmbH is internationally accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and thereby guarantees best quality, supply and customer service.

EuroWind GmbH is a leading provider of independent wind power expertises, on- and offshore. The in-house program system for wind power assessment WIEN is successfully utilised for the prediction of the average energy output of wind turbines since 1997. For assessments for offshore wind parks an enhanced version of WIEN is applied cost-efficiently. Basis for all power calculations, whether over complex terrain or offshore, is a complex three dimensional numerical wind field model.

For the optimisation of resource scheduling of power plants and the optimisation of energy trades in the whole of Europe, EuroWind offers special wind power, solar power and temperature forecasts. All market-relevant data like peak, off peak, base und cumulative values are comfortable and well structured online accessible via the new trader portal www.lookweather.com. Furthermore EuroWind provides, in addition to individual forecasts for single wind parks, special forecasts in KISS schedule format of grid operators. For ad hoc trades EuroWind provides realtime actual values of wind power generation.

The site specific, worldwide available wind index of EuroWind allows wind park operators the climatological assessment of the monthly power output of their wind park. The wind index is based on numerous long-time wind measurements. Due to the independence from production data,the method of calculation of the wind index is universially applicable. For the improvement of planning reliability EuroWind additionally offers a special offshore wind index.

EuroWind's Services in Summary:

  • independent site assessment (on- & offshore)
  • 60% reference criterion certification
  • long term correlation
  • accredited Europe wide wind power forecasts
  • online actual values of wind power generation
  • solar power forecasts
  • accredited wind index worldwide
  • worldwide wind statistics
  • worldwide weather forecasts
  • independent assessments of turbulence intensity
  • meteorological underlyings for wind derivates
  • global digital surface models
EuroWind GmbH
Posted by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist

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