EuroWind GmbH

  • Sound immission prognoses and shadow casting assessments
  • Wind and Solar power forecasts
  • Actual data of wind and photovoltaic energy production
  • Reanalysis data
  • Web based information portal

The EuroWind GmbH was founded in 2001 in Cologne and is based on two pillars. Besides supporting planners and developers with bankable assessments for their wind farm projects, EuroWind also is an expert on meteorological forecast services for wind and solar energy. Our energy yield assessments and prognosis validations profit from this combination. We work with a Geographical Information System (GIS) to connect meteorological data with spatial information, which offers us new possibilities in finding answers to various fundamental issues in the energy industry. Our company is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 since 2007 and was re-accredited in 2011.

The EuroWind GmbH is a specialist for bankable wind and energy yield assessments according to the Technical Guideline TR6 with experience in the European on- and offshore market. We provide turbulence assessments according to the requirements of the IEC 61400 and the DiBt- guidelines. To evaluate the impact of wind farms on the environment, we conduct sound immission prognoses and shadow casting assessments. Our climatological analyses and risk assessments based on global reanalysis data (MERRA, ERA, and NCAR/NCEP) and high- resolution regional models (HiRLAM and COSMO-EU) provide valuable site assessment information for wind farm project configurations.

Our wind and solar power Forecasts are based on the renowned weather models ECMWF, HiRLAM, COSMO-EU and GFS. According to our customer’s needs we compile forecasts for individual farms, entire portfolios, country levels or control zones. Our Nowcasting product is calculated from recent production data and closes the gap between model-based forecasts and real-time data (Actuals), which are based on measurement and satellite data. Through our accredited forecasts we ensure a high planning reliability for grid operators, direct marketers, and traders. We secure the efficient integration of renewable energies into the power supply system. All the data relevant for stock exchange like peak, off-peak, base and cumulative values are conveniently accessible via our well-structured web-based portal www.spotrenewables.com at every time.

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