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This week: ELMEKO dehumidifier for pitch drives in rotor hubs

Quickly removes moisture from “rotating” enclosures

LIEBENSCHEID – When enclosures and housings are air-conditioned, unwanted moisture can quickly form there, leading to the corrosion, malfunction and even breakdown of electrical systems. With the compact PSE 30 series dehumidifiers, ELMEKO now offers a solution which functions safely even in mobile and rotating application environments like the rotor of a wind turbine.

The developers of modern pitch systems for wind turbines face special challenges, because the associated control systems in the rotor hub are exposed to extreme conditions: rotation, vibration, long lifespan, technical availabilities of almost 100%, maintenance-free operation, large summer/winter fluctuations in temperature and use in very different climate zones and altitudes as well as compact designs require high-quality, technical solutions.

Thermoelectric cooling technology works in any position

ELMEKO, enclosure air conditioning specialist, has developed the PSE 30 LP dehumidifier for this purpose: the compact device functions reliably at operating temperatures of up to +65°C. Thanks to its innovative thermoelectric cooling technology, which operates without coolant, the system works in any position – including with rotation and high dynamics – and needs substantially less energy than conventional enclosure air conditioning systems.

If a Peltier element is applied to a DC voltage, one side cools down while the opposite side warms up at the same time. This cooling effect is used for dehumidifying. The air flow is led into the equipment across a cold surface. The moisture forms there, the condensate is then collected and removed by a membrane pump. The condensation takes place within the housing, meaning that no water drops can get into the enclosure.

The PSE 30 LP can be installed into an opening of 135 mm x 85 mm anywhere in the housing wall and only needs a depth of 90 mm. When mounting it on the enclosure wall or inside the enclosure, its IP protection class is not restricted. The device works on 24V DC with a power input of only 56 W and weighs a total of 1.6 kg. For purely stationary operation, choose the PSE 30 with open condensate tub, 47 W power input and a weight of 1.2 kg. The PSE 30 L with integrated fan is suitable for mobile application during vertical installation, works with 50 W power input and weighs 1.4 kg. The device is usually connected using tension spring clamps.

ELMEKO will present the high performance PSE 30LP dehumidifier at the HANOVER TRADE FAIR in Hall 27.

ELMEKO stands for high-quality electromechanical components for modern enclosure technology. As a competent industry partner with decades of experience in electrical control systems design and enclosure air conditioning, ELMEKO manufactures and distributes innovative components in the fields of enclosure air conditioning, lighting and accessories as well as optical and acoustic signal devices. In addition to the standard products available from stock, customised special solutions can also be created at short notice.


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