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Windfair Company of the Month - REpower - A company with a professional commitment to its worldwide customer base II

In two press releases REpower will be introduced with regard to its (1) Wind Power Solutions, (2) Wind turbines, (REpower I) & (3) Integration and (4) Operation (REpower II)

REpower Offers Worldwide Service for Your Wind Power PlantREpower Offers Worldwide Service for Your Wind Power Plant
The following part of the two series press release over the company of the week "REpower Systems" will provide insight into its Integration and Operation strategies and systems. REpower was chosen as Windfair company of the month due to its extraordinary efforts to provide a product that excels at all levels. So, let us look at its integration and operation processes.

1. The Ideal Wind Power Plant for Every Location:
Wind power plants cannot be regarded as isolated concepts. They are part of a larger system. Therefore, we always ensure the proper integration our wind turbines into their environment. No matter if the site in question is situated on clear terrain, close to residential areas, in hilly regions or on an existing wind farm: Based on a thorough location analysis, we provide you with an optimal wind power plant model for any location. We also set up the necessary infrastructure and keep an eye on the individual grid requirements – all over the world.

2. Noise Control and Landscape Conservation:
REpower wind power plants are designed to deliver perfect performance – at any location. To achieve this aim we have developed innovative solutions to adjust our wind turbines to even the most extreme climatic conditions. In order to meet local requirements and to avoid disturbing residents, we have reduced acoustical and optical disturbances to a minimum. In doing so we try our best to ensure a more sustainable energy supply from the very beginning.

3. Safe Grid Connections Anywhere in the World:
Whether your wind power plant needs to be connected to the power grid in Germany, the UK, the USA or Australia, REpower will see to it. We have expertise in all the specific rules and requirements of every energy market and power grid worldwide – and we will be happy to plan and execute your grid connection.

1. The Optimal Wind Turbine Type for Any Location:
To guarantee optimal energy yields and a maximum lifespan of your wind power plant, it is necessary to analyze both the potentials and risks of every location. Local knowledge is crucial for choosing the appropriate wind power plant and developing the ideal wind farm layout. We help you to find an optimal and sustainable solution for your specific demands.

2. Thorough Analysis of Your Location:
REpower will assist you in selecting the right wind turbine, either by advising you in certain aspects or by taking over the complete planning – the choice is all yours. In any case, we will approach the project systematically by analyzing the location for any factors have an effect on the operation and yields of your wind power plant. This encompasses sound emission, shadow cast, wake or wind distribution. By using an advanced airflow simulation (linear and CFD models) the wind data serve as a basis for determining the wind conditions and calculating the loads that will affect the wind turbine over a span of 20 years.

3. External Evaluation:
All information gathered is ultimately used to plan the wind farm’s layout and to choose the appropriate wind power plant. As a result, you will get the ideal solution for your location, in order to achieve the highest possible energy yields. At your request, we will hand our internal evaluation over to external bodies, e.g. the TÜV, for a final check. Thus giving you maximum security for your investment.

1. REpower Wind Power Plants: Top Performance in Any Climate:
The perfect operating conditions for wind power plants are temperatures between -20 and 35 degrees of Celsius. As wind blows everywhere, however, REpower has developed special wind turbines that deliver maximum performance even in the extreme climates of Australia, Canada and parts of the United States.

2. Special Solutions for Cold and Heat:
In particular, the converter of a wind power plant should be safe from overheating. Merely dissipating its heat is not a sufficient solution to this. The component must be actively cooled down. Therefore we have designed a special hot climate version that is equipped with additional breather assemblies to ensure optimal wind turbine performance up to 40 degrees of Celsius.

For locations such as Canada, with temperatures falling below -20 degrees, we have also come up with an adequate design. REpower’s cold climate version features additional heating units that keep the wind power plant operational even at -30 degrees of Celsius thus delivering constantly high yields.

1. Shadow and Sound Protection: Prepared to Meet Any Demand:
The acoustical and optical effects of a wind power plant must be taken into account from the initial planning stage. The Federal Immission Control Act (Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz) prescribes protective measures against noise or air pollution. As a consequence wind turbines that are situated close to residential areas must not exceed certain sound emission values or shadow periods. REpower wind power plants ensure you are perfectly equipped to meet these demands.

2. Innovative Control of Sound and Shadow:
The sound management of REpower wind power plants provides sound protection by turning down the number of revolutions to a lower sound level. In this way legal requirements can be met without any problems. As all of our wind power plants are gearbox-driven, sound protection by speed ad-justment can be realized at reasonable costs.

Optical factors must also be considered, e.g. the shadow cast by the rotor on adjacent properties. Should this shadow period exceed certain legal reference values (in Germany i.e. 30 hours p.a./30 minutes p.d.) it must be shortened. Our shadow management takes care of this: Via a light sensor and an integrated timer, the shadow cast module recognizes sunlight level and time. If reference values are exceeded, the wind power plant is stopped for the necessary period of time – avoiding any possible disturbance of the local residents.

1. Bat Friendly Wind Power Plants:
Up in the air, our wind turbines’ rotors are not the only ones who are busy. After dusk, bats become active and go hunting, especially in the summer months. We do not want our wind power plants to cause any damage to the animals during this period, all REpower wind turbines situated in the vicinity of bat populations, hunting grounds or migration routes are equipped with special "bat protection".

2. Automatic Shutdown for Bat Protection:
The bat protection system causes the wind power plant to shut down automatically when the designated conditions for bat activity are met. Parameters for this may be defined by season, wind speed, temperature, or the twilight times, depending on the habits of the native bat species. The wind speed parameter, for instance, defines at what minimum wind speed the wind power plant may be operated without endangering any bats that need low winds to fly.

If all parameters are met, the bat protection system is activated, to prevent avoiding endangering the animals.

1. From Planning to Grid Connection: We Are There to Assist You:
The road from planning a wind farm to its final start-up is long, and begins well before the actual construction phase, with setting up the necessary infrastructure and laying a solid foundation for the wind power plant. You can rely on our support and experience every step of the way – from road planning and grid connection to the installation of every single wind turbine.

2. Standard or Specific Foundation Designs:
We not only plan the construction of roads, foundations and crane hardstandings – we also put them into practice. As each locations soil is different we offer a range of standardized and approved foundations that are not only favorable in their dimensions but also extremely stable. If you should need a project-specific foundation design, we will be happy to support you in its development.

3. On-time Connection of Your Wind Power Plant to the Grid:
To feed the generated electricity into the power grid, we also take care of your grid connection and communication and medium voltage network – always with an eye on the time schedule so that your wind power plant can start up on time as soon as everything is installed and connected.

1. We Connect Our Wind Power Plants to the Grid – and Stabilize It:
All across the world, the demand for electricity from renewable energies is constantly growing. To meet this demand, wind farms must be as operable as conventional power plants and better integrated into the grid control mechanism. REpower is already responding to this challenge: Our wind power plants actively support the grid, fulfilling all necessary requirements and ensuring reliable energy supplies even during breakdown.

2. Reactive Power Against Blackouts, Shorts Without Consequences:
Our key to success is the approved concept of a gear and a twin-fed asynchronous generator combined with innovative control functions. In any operating mode REpower wind power plants feed the grid with controlled reactive power. This allows for a constant voltage control, sustaining the line voltage. Even at temporary voltage dips the wind power plant remains connected to the grid and helps to keep it stable. If any frequency fluctuations should occur the effective power of our wind turbines is automatically adjusted according to the needs.

3. Unlimited Unit Certificate:
REpower wind power plants have been awarded the Unlimited Unit Certificate (Unbefristetes Einheitenzertifikat) for excellent grid compliance according to the System Service Ordinance SDLWindV, certifying our wind turbine concept in line with the high grid connection standards for Germany. Good news for our customers: With REpower, you can be sure to get the highest compensations for grid connection. Contact us for further information – and get the most reliable grid connection with our wind power plants.

1. Reliable Systems for the Reliable Operation of Wind Power Plants:
The operation of wind power plants is a complex process – no matter if there are just a few wind turbines or an entire wind farm to be managed. High availability, low maintenance and efficient troubleshooting are crucial factors for success. We provide you with sophisticated SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solutions that enable you to operate and monitor your wind farm and wind power plants like a conventional power plant.

2. Regular Training Ensures the Long-term Availability of Wind Turbines:
REpower service staff regularly take part in training courses to stay up to date with the latest developments, processes and findings in the operation of wind power plants. Our wind turbines are designed to run permanently in order to generate stable returns. Therefore we offer you a range of maintenance services that are not only cost-effective but can also be adjusted to your actual needs – from individual services to our full-service package.

3. The Know-how of Engineers and Experts:
REpower employs a high number of engineers and experts, giving you the opportunity to share and exchange of experience and strategies. Thus the performance of our wind power plants can be constantly optimized.

1. The SCADA Family: Our Management Tool for Your Wind Power Plant:
REpower wind power plants are outstanding in quite a few areas: they feature reliable and advanced technology, are extremely efficient and almost never stand still. To ensure all this throughout their entire lifespan, we offer our customers the central monitoring system SCADA. The term is short for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and in our case refers to the monitoring, operation and management of wind power plants.

With its varied tools and applications, the SCADA family facilitates the computerized supervision of wind power plants and efficient management for optimal performance. SCADA systems are user-friendly, secure and can be used from anywhere in the world.

The SCADA family consists of:
2. SCADA Access – a full-service application for web-based encrypted access to the wind farms and their individual modules, i.e. the wind power plant, the Power Management Unit and the Meteo Station (wind measurement station). The advantage: no individual infrastructure is required – a computer with internet access is all you need.

3. SCADA Access generates real-time data in second-cycles, gets automatic updates and can be used from anywhere in the world.

4. Three Differentiated SCADA Interface Packages – enable the connection of different wind power plants and software systems to a central superordinate SCADA system

5. Wind Farm SCADA – the premium application for the efficient management of wind power plants in large wind farms with up to 250 wind turbines. Directly on site Wind Farm SCADA allows access to the control systems and provides various tools for performance analysis and monitoring. Furthermore it offers user-friendly control functions and local software and hardware applications, a redundantly designed, highly secure IT infrastructure and powerful data synchronization tools.

1. Web-based Operation and Monitoring of Wind Power Plants:
The SCADA Access online portal enables you to access the wind farm’s individual wind power plants and modules. All wind farm data are transferred to the server via encrypted access. So your data can be retrieved from anywhere in the world, based on cycles of just a few seconds or 10-minute averages. The automatic update service makes sure that your wind power plants always run on the latest software.

2. User-friendly Design:
SCADA Access is not only highly functional but has also been designed for easy use. All monitoring data are visually displayed and linked to their specific modules. The wind turbines’ different measuring ranges, such as performance, maintenance or general parameters, can easily be checked via a main menu. Single units of the wind power plant, e.g. the drivetrain components, can be monitored individually. Operational data (temperature, rpm, wind speed and direction) as well as performance data (energy yields, output curve) are displayed in one-second intervals. In addition to wind turbine status information, it is also possible to generate lists of specified operational events.

3. Integrated Google Maps Tool for a Better Overview:
The reporting feature offers performance analyses that cover the entire lifespan of the wind power plant. Moreover, it can be used to compare wind turbines and wind farms. To secure all data in case of failure they can be saved to the wind power plant’s controller. Data can also be exported for further use. To give you a geographical overview of each individual wind turbine location, the monitoring system has been equipped with an integrated Google Maps tool.

1.The Optimal Linking of SCADA Systems:
To offer our customers maximum flexibility by enabling them to link SCADA systems of different providers we have developed SCADA interface solutions for our wind power plants. This way you do not depend on one particular system but can choose between providers. Depending on the area of application and the functionality, REpower offers interface solutions for wind farms to fit every need:

a. Interface B OPC DA:
Approved and powerful: our first interface product combines years of experience with a broad variety of features. Since its creation, this interface has become a communication standard throughout the wind energy market. It is linked to the wind farm via a central interface (REguard ComBox B) and ensures secure data transfer to the customer control center by an encrypted VPN connection. Here, second values, status codes and operating conditions can be retrieved, analyzed and processed.

b. Interface B FTPS:
Ideal for differing systems: B FTPS monitors wind farms of any size via a central interface. Individual components as the power management unit or the wind measurement station can be additionally supervised. This interface provides you with 10-minute averages and analyses status codes and operational data. Alert messages are directly received by the alarm mode that will instantly initiate any necessary measures. To transfer wind farm data to up to four configurable FTPS servers, Interface B FTPS uses the standardized FTPS protocol, encrypted via SSL connection.

C. Interface B IEC 61400-25
An international pioneer: This interface is based on the international standard for wind power plants, IEC 6 1400-25. As one of the first wind turbine manufacturers, REpower has included this standard in its SCADA solutions. From the very beginning, we put all our experience into developing a standard that unites wind farms all across the world. Our aim is to one day achieve smooth worldwide communication among wind power plants and modules.

d. Interface B IEC 61400-25
Comprises all features of the SCADA interface family – and more. Apart from delivering alarm messages, second values, 10-minute averages, status codes and operational data, this interface also enables wind turbine operation (starting, stopping, resetting). In addition, individual wind power plants, the power management unit and the wind measurement station can be accessed, controlled and monitored.

1. The Solution for Large Wind Farms:
The latest member of the SCADA family, Wind Farm SCADA, has been specially designed for large wind farms: a holistic management system to suit the constantly growing demands for wind farm monitoring, documentation and optimization. Wind Farm SCADA offers you maximum independence: You can either install it as a stand-alone system on site or set it up in your head office to monitor a number of REpower wind farms.

2. Redundant Design for Maximum Security:
Wind Farm SCADA can be flexibly adjusted to the demands of each specific location. Thus it ensures a steady and optimal wind farm performance. We provide you with the necessary infrastructure, i.e. servers, databases and the appropriate software, by installing a specially developed cabinet on site or in your central office. The entire system may also be connected to an external control center via a secure VPN connection. To guarantee the highest possible security level all systems feature a redundant design.

3. A Wide Range of Features to Handle even the Largest Wind Farms:
Wind Farm SCADA comprises the complete range of SCADA Access products and can be combined with all interface products. It has been designed for maximum comfort. The integration of Google Maps or the overview mode for predefined alarm conditions are just two examples of its high usability. Extensive analysis tools that may also be used for snapshots of operational conditions or for an evaluation of fault reports and environmental factors complete the package.

1. REpower Maintenance Services for Wind Power Plants:
- 24/7 remote surveillance of our wind power plants by the permanent monitoring service (PMS): online data collection, automatic failure alerts
- Worldwide service hotline: available 24/7
- Initial analysis and online troubleshooting (if technically possible)
- Quick reactions: extensive service network of decentralized emergency centers and local wind farm service teams ensure the quick maintenance and repair service of your wind energy plant
- Specialized service teams with assigned contacts
- Extensive spare parts storage help to reduce delivery times to less than 24 hours within Europe, original parts ensure flawless operation
- Experience with some 3,000 REpower wind power plants (onshore and offshore) with more than 2,000 MW of power
- Regular trainings for customers and staff
- Continuous technical refinement of wind power plant operation
- Different maintenance packages for your onshore wind power plants: from individual services to all-in-one service packages

1. Our high-quality turbines are only half the story:
When you buy REpower wind turbines, you’re making an investment in internationally renowned engineering. The impressive energy yields and exceptional reliability of our turbines are the reasons we’ve become a global success in just 10 years. We’ve developed our selection of service packages to be 100% worthy of them. Our flexible approach ensures you can reap the full benefits when the wind is at its most potent. By servicing at less windy times of the year, we can both minimise disruption and maximise the yield of your turbines. Customers tell us that our turbines have industry-leading reliability – so we have confidence in offering guarantees to match.

2. Personal touch
To ensure your turbines receive expert attention as quickly as possible, we’ve built a network of local, rapid-response service centres. This means that – although they work for a multinational corporation – the service engineers will be from your area. With our out of hours on-call service, they can get to you fast when you need them. And they will be well acquainted with your site’s unique features. You’ll have a personal point of contact in your local operations manager, who will know your business and speak your language. You’ll be able to call them directly to discuss any concerns you might have. Local, they may be. But our employees’ standards and working methods will have been established based on our global experience: REpower at its most professional.

3. Protecting your investment your way:
As part of our commitment to flexibility, the specifics of the service package will be finalised only after talking to you about your unique requirements. So if your needs aren’t perfectly covered by our existing turbine care packages, tell us. The choice of a standard maintenance agreement, availability guarantee or energy production guarantee lets you choose the option most suited to your operation and maintenance needs, as well as your budget. As you’d expect from a business that has built a reputation on being dependable, the costs are 100% surprise-free: you know from the start what the fee is. Great for your cash-flow projections. The terms? Take your pick from 5, 10 or 15 years. And there’s always the option to extend.

1. Complete Safety for Your Wind Power Plants:
Available worldwide and highly effective: Our integrated service package (ISP) takes care of every operational field of your wind power plant or wind farm. The permanent monitoring service (PMS) controls your wind turbines both actively and passively. Any failures will be noticed and reported automatically. This enables us to react quickly and initiate the appropriate measures – online or directly on location, ensuring a technical availability of 97 percent for your wind power plant.

2. Quick Troubleshooting to Minimize Losses:
The integrated service package comprises the complete maintenance of your wind power plant as specified. Additionally we eliminate all malfunctions that occur due to component failures: from the exchange of small or large components to the data-transmitted restart of the wind power plants or the deployment of service technicians on site. We also carry out regular oil analyses and lubricant changes. Any service will be properly reported afterwards to provide you with a complete overview of all service activities. If your project calls for an individual solution, our service team will be happy to help you with the development of an appropriate concept. A specific rate will be calculated for the full package.

3. Time-based availability or production guarantee - You have the choice:
a) ISP-T (availability guarantee):
We give you a time-based 97% wind farm average technical availability guarantee. It’s something we’ve offered our customers since the beginning, so this is more than just a well-meaning mission statement backed up with optimism.

b) ISP-E (production guarantee):
We know how wind-dependent your revenue is. To helpyou maximise your yield, we have developed a production guarantee. This latest premium package means that we’ll guarantee a level of energy production based on the potential yield of your wind farm. And we’ll work hard to minimise downtime during windy weather. Given our experienced and localised service organisation, this is a promise we feel very secure in making.

C22: WSV
1. Flexible Run Times: Optimal Service as Long as You Need It
If you would like to entrust us with the basic maintenance of your wind turbine, acquiring additional services when necessary, our standard maintenance contract (SWV) is the best option for you. Our service teams provide optimum maintenance for your wind turbines as specified, eliminate malfunctions and keep you informed about every detail. All tasks are carried out for an agreed flat-rate, additional services will be charged separately.

2. Modular System: The Perfect Service for Your Wind Turbine
The modular setup of our standard maintenance contract means you don’t have to pay for any service you don’t need. Every detail can be adjusted to your needs: from complete round-the-clock online surveillance by the permanent monitoring system (PMS) to additional services such as rotor and gear inspections, oil analyses, upgrades or lubricant changes. At your request every service order will be submitted for your approval beforehand to keep you informed of the costs.

1. We Will Introduce You to Your Wind Power Plant
The operation of a wind power plant requires fundamental knowledge of its structure, technical system and functionality. To familiarize customers, technical contractors and employees with the subject, REpower offers two types of training that convey detailed information on wind power plants.

Basic training will teach you all you need to know about the admission requirements of a wind power plant. A theoretical part provides information on potential hazards, shows you how to handle them and explains the legal requirements for operation. The practical part of training is held directly inside a wind power plant, where participants learn how to operate it: login control, stopping, starting and data retrieval are explained and practiced. Finally, experienced trainers provide an introduction to the safe handling of the wind turbine as well as to the use of the elevator system, the chain hoist and the rotor lock.

2. Key topics of the wind power plant training:
- Listing admission requirements (equipment, training, instructions)Wind energy plant operation: stopping, starting, locking
- Communication with the permanent monitoring service (PMS)
- Inspection of a wind energy plant
- Safety introduction and useful tips

3. Operational training conveys detailed knowledge of the technology and operation of a wind power plant. After a general overview, participants can increase their knowledge of wind power plant controlling, performance, status codes and the electrical system. Moreover, they are introduced to the SCADA Access system and learn all about its functions and uses.

4. Training held at Husum or Trampe will end with a guided tour of one of our production sites. Usually this gives participants the opportunity to meet other wind power plant operators and share experiences in a casual manner.

5. Key topics of the wind energy plant operational training:
- Provision of training facilities
- Knowledge of the structure and performance of wind energy plants
- Understanding of status codes and availability
- Use of the REguard online portals
- Questions, answers and sharing experiences

1. A Touchstone of Competence: Offshore Wind Power Plant Maintenance
Wind energy generation off the coast is a complex and costly venture – a true challenge. Out on the open sea, where nature is at its wildest, wind and waves put a much bigger strain on all materials than onshore. In response to this, we have developed extremely powerful and corrosion-resistant machines. However, this alone is not enough. To ensure the reliable maintenance of offshore wind power plants, we have established sophisticated transport logistics, employing both ships and helicopters.

2. Reliable in Every Aspect
Be it simply the maintenance and repair of your offshore wind power plant or the entire logistics: the REpower offshore service package is tailored to your requirements. Our permanent monitoring system (PMS) not only monitors the operation of your wind turbine, but also takes into account weather conditions and possible malfunctions – which are either eliminated online or directly on location. This ensures the reliable high performance of your offshore wind power plant.

To keep maintenance as cost-efficient as possible, REpower offshore wind power plants feature an extremely service-friendly design. Our rotor blades for instance – like all other components – have been specially developed to face the rough weather conditions on the open sea.

3. REpower Maintenance Services for Offshore Wind Power Plants:
- 24/7 remote surveillance of our wind power plants by the permanent monitoring service (PMS): online data collection, automatic failure alerts
- Worldwide service hotline: available 24/7
- Initial analysis and online troubleshooting (if technically possible)
- Quick reactions: extensive service network of decentralized emergency centers and local wind farm service teams ensure the quick maintenance of your wind energy plant
- Specialized service teams with assigned contacts: more than 150 regional service experts are operating from 14 bases all over Germany
- Extensive spare parts storage help to reduce delivery times to less than 24 hours within Europe, original parts ensure flawless operation
- Experience with 3,000 REpower wind power plants (onshore and offshore) with more than 2,000 MW of power
- Regular trainings for customers and staff
- Continuous technical refinement of wind power plant operation
- Different maintenance packages for your offshore wind power plants: from individual services to all-in-one service packages

C32: OFS
1. Our Premium Maintenance Service for Offshore Wind Turbines
By opting for an offshore full-service contract, you are entrusting REpower with all maintenance and repairs for your wind turbine as well as all offshore and onshore logistics. We make sure your wind turbine will reliably face the challenges of an offshore location while being available at all times.

2. The full-service contract comprises
- Maintenance of your offshore wind turbine
- Repairs (including spare parts and large components)
- Remote monitoring (PMS)
- Onshore and offshore logistics (including the exchange of large components)
- A guarantee on technical availability or productivity

Please refer to the attached map to see how REpower Offers Worldwide Service for Your Wind Power Plant

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Please also visit www.repower.de to view all the photos of REpower's wide range of wind turbines.
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