Windmills for the German national horticultural show (BUGA)

The BUGA horticultural show in Koblenz ended mid October with more than 3.5 million visitors. The Bundesgartenschau (abbr. BUGA) is a Federal horticulture show in Germany. It covers topics like landscaping and gardening with a high budget, taking place in different cities, the location changes in a two-year cycle. Thus, you will ask yourself which is the usability of windmills in the show.

The answer was given by the experienced architect office Goergens Milautz already in the year 2005. At that time, the architectural office used the windmill TARRAGÓ M5015 in the BUGA in Munich as a visitor’s platform. The windmill is still located at the entrance of the former BUGA-Munich today with a platform located at 10 m and a corkscrew stairs to facilitate the access of the visitors. In total, the windmill is 17.5 m tall. The construction company was the Munich based München-Inter.

From 28th to 9th October 2005 in an area of 130 hectares (five times larger than the princedom Monaco and four times larger than Vatican state) 3 million persons visited the show, only half million less than the current visitor’s record in Koblenz.
Rosa Tarragó
Molins de vent Tarragó

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