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As a key division of the Schunk Group, Schunk Carbon Technology leverages its international market-leading expertise in the development, manufacture and application of materials and products for the mechanical carbon, electrical carbon, thermal carbon and technical ceramics

Schunk Carbon Technology's highly specialized current transmission technology portfolio includes brushes, brush holders, slip rings, contacts and conductor bands which are used in engines and generators of wind power plants and other industrial applications.

The Schunk Group, with a global workforce of 8000 employees strategically located in 29 countries across the globe, develops custom-tailored high-technology products and systems solutions in the areas of carbon, technical ceramics, environmental simulation, air-conditioning technology, sintered metal and ultrasonic welding.


    Carbon Brush (Wind Power)

    Schunk carbon brushes perfect power transmission on the slip rings of double-fed asynchronous generators. Schunk offers suitable materials for a variety of different wind power station... [More]

    Grounding Brushes

    For the shaft grounding of wind power generators, Schunk's product portfolio includes modern grounding brushes and carbon fiber-based systems. We have the right answer to... [More]

    Brush Rockers (Generator)

    Schunk brush rockers for wind power stations ensure precise positioning of the carbon brush on the slip ring at all times, even under the toughest conditions. Our brush rockers reduce... [More]

    Lightning Protection System (Generator)

    With our lightning protection systems, you're putting your trust in certified safety. Independent institutions have confirmed that our lightning protection components for wind power... [More]

    Flexible Current Connectors (Wind Power)

    Our conductor bands and power connections are used to connect mechanically separate components electrically. They're found in switchgear and as bus bars in the generator.


    Brake Pads (Wind Power)

    Our carbon brake linings differ from conventional organic brake materials thanks to their excellent acoustic characteristics. With our brake linings, squeaking noises are a thing of the... [More]

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